Choosing a Cordless Drill Driver – What to Look Out For

The first aspect you could examine when choosing a cordless drill driver should be the battery pack as the more volts your drill driver has the more torque you might get. This essentially means that the motor should spin faster creating greater power. The only drawback with this is that the more volts your drill has the heavier it might be.

The Angle Drill is designed for use in tight areas. Their main feature is the angled neck. Unlike a conventional drill, an Angle Drills profile allows the drill to be used at arms length and in areas where the body of a drill would not allow it access. While they may not be able to deliver the power and torque of a conventional drill they are incredibly handy tools, especially around the home. An example would be drilling a hole on the inside of a drawer to mount a handle, positioning a normal drill could be awkward but the body of an Angle Drill would rise out of the drawer leaving plenty of space for the operators hand.

Before cordless drill drivers arrived, most drills had pistol grips, where the handle is behind the motor like the handle of a gun. But most of today's cordless models are equipped with a T-handle: The handle base flares to prevent hand slippage and accommodate a battery. Because the battery is centered under the weight and bulk of the motor, a T-handle provides better overall balance, particularly in heavier drills. Also, T-handle drills may often get into tighter spaces because your hand is out of the way in the centre of the drill. But for heavy-duty drilling and driving large screws, a pistol grip does let you apply pressure higher up – almost directly behind the bit – allowing you to put more strain on the work.

Accessories for cordless drill drivers include drill bits for drilling wood, metal, ceramic, glass, and masonry. In addition to drill bits other accessories include hole saws, screwdriver bits, files, rasps, and sanders.

If a Li-ion battery is stored with too low a charge, there is a risk of allowing the charge to drop below the battery's low-voltage threshold, resulting in an unrecoverable dead battery. Once the charge has dropped to this level, recharging it may be dangerous. Some batteries therefore feature an internal safety circuit which might prevent charging in this state, and the battery might be for all practical purposes dead. In circumstances where a second Li-ion battery is available for a given device, it is recommended that the unused battery be discharged to 40% and placed in the refrigerator to prolong its shelf life. While the battery may be used or charged immediately, some Li-ion batteries might provide more energy when brought to room temperature.

An electric or portable (battery powered) drill can be a scary thing. But they are not hard to use. Most common The drill drivers come in a pistol shape, making them easy to hold and use. The drill has a trigger you squeeze in order to make the drill bit rotate. Sometimes there is also a safety button located on the pistol handle that has to be pressed at the same time you squeeze the trigger in order to make the drill bit rotate. The battery pack is usually inserted into a docking station on the bottom of the pistol handle. Between uses the battery pack is charged in another docking station which is connected to an electrical outlet.