Choosing a Garage Floor Mat

Available in various types of patterns and materials, garage floor mats will provide you with some of the most variable options for your garage. Because there are so many different types available, be sure to do plenty of researching so that you know you're getting the type of mat that's best for your purposes.

The cheapest type of garage floor mat will have next to no pattern at all on it. If you're willing to spend a bit more, there are also mats with diamond and coin patters, as well as ribbed floor mats.

Usually a garage floor mat is installed simply by cutting the mat to fit with scissors or a utility knife, and then laying out on the floor. Nothing could be easier to install. Also, as long as the mats have the correct types of edges, they can be connected or even overlapped for a seamless look, even if they do need to be cut apart, without the help of adhesives. These mats will channel debris and liquid out of the garage for easier cleanup, protect the concrete from stains and damage, and, if used correctly, can help prevent contamination of soil and water.

Walking, standing, and working is much more comfortable on a garage floor mat as they are cushioned for comfort. Their coating prohibates them from absorbing chemicals or liquids, and they emit a fresh scent that will keep the garage smelling nice. Usually last years, these mats are ultra durable, second only to an epoxy kit. They're also anti-conductive, as well as anti-static. If a single mat does not provide enough cushion, they are designed to be laid double, either across the entire garage floor, or just where the extra cushion is needed, such as under a car where you may be laying on your back, or on the sides where a mechanic will typically have to do some kneeling. The cold, hard concrete can make any repair job seem longer and harder, and the extra padding provided by a mat can help with that.

At under $ 2 per foot, garage floor mats are generally pretty reasonably priced; also, many sellers offer fast, free shipping. Not only cheaper, it's much easier to cut and lay out a mat than it would be to install an epoxy kit .

Although durable enough that they're not likely to be ruined, garage floor mats are probably your best option if you plan to do lots of work in your garage and would like the ability to throw them out if they do take damage. The only type of garage floor solution that is more durable is epoxy, and the only type that is more mobile are containment mats. Garage floor mats are easier to drive on than containment mats, and are obviously easier to install than epoxy.