Choosing a Motorcycle Helmet

Here are some tips for choosing the right motorcycle helmet for you:

Different Types of Helmets

First you’ll need to decide what type of helmet you are looking to purchase. There are several types of helmets, each has different features and pros and cons. For instance, there are helmets especially for motocross. Also, helmet types include the full face kind that provide protection all around your head, as well as a half shell and three quarter shell type which offer protection mainly to your head area. Full face helmets provide protection completely around your head and also include a full face shield. Many motorcyclists who enjoy riding at higher speeds choose this option for maximum protection and also to make them more aerodynamic.


One extremely important criteria for a motorcycle helmet is to make sure that the helmet fits comfortably, yet remains snug around your head. If your helmet isn’t completely comfortable for you, then it’s likely that you’ll opt not to wear it or it could cause you pain and discomfort, or even be a distraction while you are riding. You can avoid these problems by trying on and wearing the helmet for at least a few minutes. This way the heat of your head will conform the padding inside the helmet to your head and give you a good idea of how the helmet will feel on you while riding. The padding inside the helmet should be soft but slightly firm around your head. Your head should not be able to move around inside the helmet.

Size & Weight

The proper size and weight is determined by your head size. Obviously, a smaller woman and a larger man will not have the same size head. If you plan on having passengers on your motorcycle often, be sure to get a helmet just for them. It’s best to try on the helmets at the store and get help from the sales clerks to decide the best size and weight of helmet you need. If a helmet is too heavy for you, this can lead to neck and back problems after long rides.


The absolute most important aspect of choosing a motorcycle helmet is to choose one that will protect your head in an accident. Look for helmets that have been thoroughly safety tested and certified. Also, while you may want to opt for that jet black or dark blue helmet with the airbrushed design, you should also consider a helmet that is bright in color, even neon so that you are even more visible at all times of day or night. Being visible to other drivers is extremely important to safety on the road. You can also buy reflective tape or paint your helmet with additional reflective paint to increase your visibility.

Also, it may seem obvious, but it’s crucial to make sure that you are wearing your helmet properly to insure maximum safety. Don’t forget to use any buckles or velcro, make sure they are fastened properly so that your helmet doesn’t fall off or slide off during an accident.