Choosing an Energy Saving Cooker

There are so many ways to cook food. Gas or electric hob, gas or electric oven and grill are all different ways to cook food. There is another useful way to cook food where all these ways usually combines in one form, i.e. stove. Stove then again can be electric or gas and the best are gas stoves with electric ignition and other energy saving controls. Besides this, there is still another way to cook food. This appliance is the combination of space heating, water heating and cooking all intact in the form of Aga  cooker . Aga  cooker  is invented in 1929 by Swedish physicist Dr. Gustaf Dalén. Aga  cooker  is not much in demand as it usually lacks the energy controls system.

If we examine closely, we will see that the initial cost of electric  cookers  are relatively less than gas  cookers . But the studies show that the electric  cookers  cost three times as much to use in its whole lifespan as gas  cookers . Similarly, the emission of CO2 produced by electric  cookers  is also four times as much. However, there are some electric appliances which are energy efficient like microwave oven and induction loop cooking. These appliances are good at transferring heat to the food or pot efficiently.

– Microwaves Ovens: These are commonly used in our kitchens today. If we compare them with standard electric  cooker , they save up to third of the total energy. But the efficiency largely depends on the amount of food cooked or the container used for the food. The amount of food and the container used largely influence the energy use of the appliance.

– Induction Loop Cooking: Unlike traditional electric  cookers , induction loop cooking saves up to 10-20 percent of the energy, but yet are not commonly used cooking method.

If consider the energy prospective, these savings are not up to the mark, more efforts are needed to reduce the energy consumption.

Energy Saving

– If you are planning to purchase a  cooker , the best option is to go for gas appliance. Definitely you will have a supply of gas, if you don’t -you can use propane or butane.

– Gas stoves with electric ignition device and other energy controls can save you energy costs on pilot lights.

– It is said that  cookers  are not a good option for cooking small quantities of food. You have to keep all these factors in mind while purchasing stove or a pan. Microwave in this case can be useful for heating small quantities of food. Always choose the pans according to your stove. These can in some way save energy.

Eating habits and other such factors can also be taken in consideration with these energy saving tips. So you can be able to save energy as much as possible. Good food is always healthier so, always go for the best available choices and also don’t eat more than it needed. This will keep you healthy and also reduces the energy conservation.