Choosing Boots for Different Styles of Legs – Five Skills to Help You

It is the hottest seasons to wear boots both in autumn and winter. Almost every girl likes to wear boots, yet do you know how to choose boots according to your leg style? Would you like to wear boots to show your own style? Have you ever heard of five styles of legs: style of O, style of X, turnip style leg, elephant leg and style of short leg? If you want to show a beautiful and slim figure to others, knowing something about your leg style become top important. Here are 5 interpretations of the leg styles for your reference:

1. O style leg

It is also called bow leg, which, medically speaking, is a deformity marked by medical angulation of the leg in relation to the thigh, an outward bowing of the legs, giving the appearance of a bow. Simply speaking, the legs look like a letter x. It’s better to choose knee high boots, which can even divert people’s attention when there are some outstanding patterns on the boots. It will be much better if the heel is a little bit higher. However, it is not quite proper to choose the boots with pompon outward and to choose the tight thigh boots, both of which will make people look like a ball. Ankle boot are not fit for the bow legs in particular, which will totally reveal your shortcomings.

2. X style leg

It means the legs look like the letter x. When people stand up, their knees can gather together while the feet can not. As for such kind of people, the boot with upside down will also be the best choice. However, you could choose the boot with outstanding decorations outwards, which is a difference from the choice of O style boot. The taboo to the x style legs is the tight boot close to skin.

3. Turnip style leg

The name can show you a vivid picture of the leg style that the ankle is very thin while the calf is very thick, forming an image out of proportion totally. It will be better to choose medium boot, which can greatly cover one’s shortcoming, showing people a image of slim legs. Both knee-high boot and hip boot are a good choice for such kind of people. What’s more, you could even choose a celebrity dress from an online shop to match the boot, making yourself like a celebrity. What’s more, you will be the focus when you go to the any party. Pay attention your clothes and shoes, and you will find you will be more confident.

4. Elephant leg

It is a nickname for the thick leg. In order to perfect the shortcoming that thick leg happen to bring to you, you could choose the boot with the design of crease. The sense of three-dimension can cover the most imperfection of the thick legs. What’s more, people with elephant leg could also choose some boots with broad welt, but do not be too exaggerate. In addition to, it is improper to choose the boot with short pattern and slim heels. If your legs are especially thick, do pay much attention to the boot length. Make sure to avoid the boot that exposes your thick part of your legs.

5. Short legs

It will be very obvious to know this kind of legs. As for such kind of people, it will be no better that to choose tight boot with high heels. Do not choose the thick heel boot with too many decorations. It will be better to choose the same color of the shoes and your dress, making a harmonious for the body as a whole. If you want to wear a short skirt, it will be better to wear a knee-high boot, making you look slim and slender.