Choosing Components for Deck Railing Plans

A deck railing component is very important in creating the deck railing plan that will offer your deck its finishing touches. There are a number of different components in creating the perfect deck railing.

One deck railing component is the baluster. These are, essentially, the small post type structures that are placed in between the larger posts. They come in various styles like pickets and spindles. Traditional decks are built with two by two wooden balusters. For most homeowners, now, though, this doesn’t cut it. They want something less traditional. People choose different materials, such as aluminum, iron, PVC, glass, or other metals. Aluminum is popular because there are many different color choices, and they are essentially maintenance free. Glass is also gaining in popularity. It is available in a number of different tinting options, and it is see-through, so the view from a beautiful deck is unobscured. More than just material, though, people choose different styles for their balusters. Some go for that classic look, while others look into various architectural styles like colonial or Victorian.

Another deck railing component is the connectors. Connectors are used for various purposes in deck railings. They connect the railings to each other, the wall, and the deck stairs. Connectors are also used to connect the baluster to the top and bottom rails. As with the rails themselves, they come in a variety of colors and styles. Connectors can be made from iron, wood, various other metals, or PVC. The most important thing to remember when considering connectors is a good support system. Connectors make the deck railing strong, so if they’re not creating strong support for the deck as a whole, it is essential to come up with another connector option.

One final piece of deck railing component are the deck accessories. Accessories make your deck railing look unique. There are centerpiece accessories for the balusters. These come in a variety of different designs ranging from traditional architectural designs to family crests, animals, and nature designs. There are also post top accessories. Traditionally, these include post caps of various colors, shapes, sizes, and designs, and finials built of various materials. Both are designed to screw directly into the post top. There are many different types of deck railing components. Be sure to choose the right components for your deck railing plan.