Choosing Discount Hardwood Flooring

If you've priced hardwood flooring and feel you'll never be able to afford the elegant floors that you want for your home, now's the time to take heart. There may be a way that you can reconcile your dreams with your budget, and that's by looking for discount hardwood flooring. Although there are some really cheap wood flooring materials on the market, those are not what we're looking here. We're talking about real, solid hardwoods at great prices. This is flooring you can use anywhere in your home where it can be nailed or stapled to the existing floor or laid over a concrete floor. You'll be able to give all the rooms in your home an awesome new look without resorting to cheaper laminates or breaking your bank account.

Some discount floors have sliced ​​wood veneer which will give you the same designs and colors that you can get with solid hardwoods. The veneer on these floors is applied to solid hardwood backings to give the floor durability. You will also be able to find laminate floors designed to look like hardwoods that will last just as long as solid hardwoods do, because they are also made using hardwood backings. Since hardwoods are known for expanding and contracting well in heat and cold, this makes the discount floors suitable for use in all climates.

Even though discount flooring is less expensive to buy, it is still manufactured to exacting standards. For example, all cheap hardwood flooring is precision-spaced to allow for flexibility in the planks. This is done by taking an aluminum tube and stamping it onto each piece of laminate flooring precisely 1.5 mm apart.

Discount hardwoods come in both pre-finished and unfinished woods. Although many people prefer pre-finished flooring, because they do not want the big job of finishing it, others prefer to finish their floors their own way and opt for the unfinished type. There are many wood choices in discount flooring as well as a variety of different stains so that you can have the floor that will perfectly accent the decor in your home. While you will not have a choice of pre-finished or unfinished with laminate flooring, you will still be able to choose from many different colors.

In this world of increasing costs, decreasing spending power, and the threat of foreclosures, homeowners everywhere are looking for bargains in materials to renovate their homes. Discount hardwood floors and laminates are becoming popular options since they look great for less cost. Laminate flooring is made by putting a piece of fiberboard between two pieces of melamine. It will give you the look of hardwoods at a fraction of the cost. You will also be able to find discount hardwoods that have been embossed in the factory to give them a texture like the grain of real wood. Your floors will look gorgeous, and no one will ever know that you got them at a discount.