Choosing Flooring Materials – What to Consider Before Buying

No one can deny that carpet and flooring play a key role in the overall appearance of any room. Whether one is updating an existing room or building a new home or office they should be sure to make a careful choice when it comes to the floors. Choosing the right flooring should take into account the location, desired design, budget and of course their lifestyle.

Consider Ambiance

The first step in choosing carpet and flooring is deciding what the desired feel and look are for the room in question. As an important design element, most prefer to carefully select the right material. Common choices include:

• Wood

• Laminate

• Vinyl

• Carpet

• Bamboo

• Cork

• Ceramic

• Linoleum

Patterns, colours and textures all play into the overall ambiance of the room.

Today’s Choices

Due to processes today, it’s very difficult to tell the difference between manufactured and genuine flooring materials. Not to mention, manufactured options are less expensive and still deliver the same durability and beauty as genuine products. Carpet and flooring that uses state-of-the-art embossing and printing technology is a great choice, and will depend wholly on the buyer’s personal preference.

Wood Flooring

As a top choice among homeowners, the genuine and manufactured wood products on the market offer many options to go right along with any interior space décor. Designers can choose from traditional pine and oak, or exotic bamboo. In most cases, they can choose the type of stain or gloss, width and length of planks, any textures, edging and other details.

Don’t think that a high-quality laminate can’t be mistaken for real wood. They are also made to mimic brick, ceramic and stone. They are also easy to clean and can easily be protected from fading and stains from spills when treated correctly. This type of flooring can look completely authentic and fool even the most trained eye.


Another popular material when it comes to choosing carpet and flooring is vinyl. There are thousands upon thousands of designs that are created using the latest technology to feel completely natural. Choose from limestone, ceramic. Slate and hardwood finishes on vinyl products.


Real linoleum is produced from natural ingredients; minerals for pigment, linseed oil, ground wood and limestone are typical. Linoleum is very tough and has a wide range of designs that are traditional and contemporary. Marbleized, flecked patterns and solid colours are available.


Carpet can be used wall to wall or one can install carpet and flooring options stated above. Most prefer a hard floor in bathrooms, washrooms, kitchens and laundry areas. Carpet is great for living spaces and bedrooms. It comes in a wide range of colours and weaves such as plush, frieze which is also called shag, and everything in between.


Once all the design options are considered,the decorator needs to figure which flooring will be best for each room. The most important consideration is ability to withstand moisture, pooling water, temperature fluctuations and the like. Hardwood can gap, warp and buckle as well as many laminate options when exposed to moisture. Tile and vinyl are better for rooms that could be damp.

All in all, choosing a carpet and flooring option that everyone will love and enjoy goes a bit beyond just how it looks, but when working with the right dealer and installation crew one can end up with a beautiful finish. Remember to consider the traffic as well, to include children and pets. Maintenance may be minimal on some types but not on others as well. When everything is considered, home and business owners will end up with the perfect carpet and flooring for a completely unique décor.