Choosing Made to Measure Blinds

Redecorating can be so much fun. There’s all the swatches to look at, paints to try, and experiments to be done. After a while though, the sheer volume of choice you have to contend with can seem quite overwhelming, and you might get to the stage where you’ve simply had enough. When you do you’ll no longer have time for swatches and samples and testers; you’ll just want someone to tell you which paint and which made to measure blinds will be best for you so you can just get on with it.

We’re all impatient creatures at heart.

Made to measure blinds doesn’t seem like the sort of thing where the choices would go on and on, but they are. Even with curtains there are decisions to be made about linings and header tapes, fabrics, colours and tiebacks. With made to measure blinds there are lots of different styles, some more suitable for particular rooms than others.


Roller blinds make an excellent ‘any occasion’ blind. They can be used in the kitchen or the bathroom, the living room or the bedroom. They come in lots of colours, and you can chose blackout if light is a problem. They’re usually more of a functional than aesthetic piece, but if you’ve got a minimalist style room (or a lot of windows to cover), they prevent clutter and can add to the style.


This is the blind most similar to curtains. They’re definitely a luxury product so more often used in living rooms or bedrooms where they will be appreciated and they’re less likely to get damaged. Roman blinds are only available in made to measure blind form, because the width and drop can’t be easy adjusted after construction.


Perfect for use both in the day and at night, Venetian blinds provide the only viable alternative to net curtains to give your room more privacy when located near a road. They work very well in kitchens and bathrooms as they are adjustable, but remember if you choose wood they might warp in humid or moist conditions. Therefore I’d advise either metal or plastic.

Narrowing down the type of made to measure blinds you’re looking at can really help you make some decisions, but unfortunately only you can decide on the pattern which will work with your decoration, and which style you will find both functional and attractive.

Good luck!