Choosing Oak Hardwood Flooring

This is a very popular type of wood for hardwood flooring but it should be chosen with care. The reason is that not all oak hardwood flooring is created alike. You need to make sure that the oak wood will be appropriate for the room you are putting it in and that it will meet your aesthetic taste. When they are properly cared for and of high quality, they will last a long time. There are a number of types of oak that can be used in hardwood flooring. The two most popular oak woods are white oak and red oak. Oak can vary from a deep brown to an almost white color so you need to consider the shade of flooring that you want. Finishes are another thing to consider. The finishes can include a distressed finish to give the floor an antique look or it can be glossy to matte. When you visit a flooring store there will be samples of all types and finishes to help you make your decision as to which flooring you like.

Before making the final decision you need to decide if you want engineered or solid oak hardwood flooring. The difference between the two is that engineered oak flooring is made with veneer. It is then layered onto a base. Engineered flooring does not wear as well as the solid floor plus engineered floors contract and expand less. With solid oak flooring, it is made from plank or solid strips of wood. There is also a variety of floor widths to look at and consider including narrow strips to planks. You can also get it in parquet, which is flooring that made of several pieces of wood that fit together like a puzzle.

Check to see if the hardwood flooring has a warranty, what it covers, and how long it lasts. The longer warranties are often found with floors that are prefinished and the unfinished ones have a shorter warranty. Most homeowners will hire a company to put down their hardwood flooring so be sure to hire a reputable company. You should check to see if they offer any warranties or guarantees if something goes wrong on the job, which if it is their fault they will be responsible for taking care of the problem.

A very important issue with oak hardwood flooring is the installation method. If the homeowner decides to install the flooring themselves may find that they prefer a floating floor, which is a floor that will not have to be glued or nailed to the subfloor of the room. Many professional installers may decide to nail, staple, or glue the oak hardwood flooring to the subfloor, which can be hard to do.