Choosing Outdoor Carpet

If you have a large outdoor patio or lounge area you may have considered installing outdoor carpeting; which can greatly add to it’s comfort. You’ll find that the majority of outdoor carpets are produced from fibers that are synthetic like olefin or polypropylene. Moreover, there are natural fibered outdoor carpets like jute or hessian. The types differ mainly in the way that they are manufactured or constructed. They consist of grass, needle, punch, and loop. Most people are familiar with the grass type of indoor outdoor carpet, because it’s green and is made to look like grass; however, you can get the grass carpet in other colors such as blue and many other colors. Some can get pretty wild looking but the thing to remember is you can find some other color besides green.

Some uses for outdoor carpeting is for around hot tubs, pools, screened in porch, or even your garage. As mentioned earlier, when thinking of indoor outdoor carpeting, most people think of the simple green colored grass plastic grass carpet, but there are actually some really nice carpets that are made specifically for outdoor. This is something I didn’t realize when we were thinking of putting carpet around our hot tub and pool. The options are a lot larger than I thought and you can really get some good looking (classy) carpet for certain areas that add some real pleasing aesthetics to an outdoor area.

As mentioned earlier, the most thought of outdoor carpet is what is referred to as marine outdoor carpeting. When I think of this carpet, I go back to being a kid and hanging out around the marina at the lake and all the marine carpeting all over. It always seemed to be faded and/or ripped and looked awful. Luckily it doesn’t look that bad if it’s kept in good shape and replaced when it get’s worn. Marine carpet is made to withstand being constantly wet and actually hold water as opposed to letting it run off.

Olefin or known as polypropylene, is created from synthetic resin. The best thing about olefin is it is extremely resilient to light and stains. Meaning it’s resistant to stain, fading, and mold. You’ll often see this carpet used as putting greens in a back yard, in the floor of sheds, and patios or other areas outdoor. This carpet comes in a huge variety of colors and gives you more choice for style and color than the traditional marine carpet.