Choosing the Best Attic Ladder for Your Needs

Attic space is unused space for most people. It can be made into an excellent storage area, however, just by installing an attic ladder. They can be installed with very little do-it-yourself experience, too, which means that all you have to do is purchase and install them. They come as a preassembled kit and just have to be taken out of the box and installed as directed. Adding an attic ladder can make it simple and easy to get into your attic to store Christmas decorations, old clothing, or anything else. What are some things that you need to consider when choosing an attic ladder?

Room Placement. Where do you want to put your attic ladder? You need to consider the area under the ladder and around the ladder. Will it leave enough space for the ladder to unfold and for you to get onto it? Will it be difficult to get boxes and other items into the space? Where will the bottom of the ladder rest when it is unfolded? All of these factors need to be considered before you determine where you are going to put the ladder and then you have to add in the ceiling placement considerations to find the right location for your needs.

Ceiling Placement. Your attic ladder kit is made to fit between 24-inch on center framing. If you do not have this type of attic floor, you may have to reframe the opening to make the kit fit. Oftentimes, the ladder will easily fit where you want it, but in most cases, some framing will have to be done to make the attic ladder fit snugly, so it will be safe and usable for you. If you are not sure about ceiling placement or whether you will need to frame or how to frame, you will want to consult a professional to ensure that you install it correctly. Another consideration will be the amount of headroom that you will have when you climb up into the attic. If you are on the side or end of the house, you may not have the headroom that you want and need. In the middle of the attic space or near the middle will allow you to have enough room to climb into the attic without banging your head, elbows, or other body parts as you climb.

Length and Weight. You want to measure the distance from the ceiling to the floor to make sure that you get an attic ladder that will reach from your ceiling and rest comfortably on the floor. The differing lengths of the ladders make it possible to install an attic ladder anywhere in your home. You need to also evaluate the weight rating to ensure that you will be safe on the ladder. The rule of thumb is that the more weight that the ladder can hold, the more sturdy that it is, so keep this in mind when choosing your ladder. At the least, you want to consider who will be climbing up and down this ladder to make sure that you get one with a weight rating that is high enough to safely hold them.

What Type? Attic ladders are available in wood, aluminum, and steel. Most people choose the wood or aluminum ladders, simply for their strength and durability. Attic ladders also come in different types, like a fold down ladder or a slide down ladder, as well, which is something else that you need to consider. By doing your research and comparing prices to see which attic ladder will meet your budget and your needs, you will be able to choose the right one for you.

An attic ladder can add square footage onto your home to allow you to put some of those less than used items out of sight and out of the way. By carefully planning where you are going to locate the ladder and whether you can get up and down the ladder safely and easily, in addition to the length, weight rating, material, and type, you will be able to choose the best attic ladder for you and your needs. This will help you to easily convert that unused space into storage that you will use time and time again.