Choosing the Best Patio, Porch and Deck Furniture

Finding the ideal patio furniture that feels good and looks great is the goal here. Remember that you are making a purchase that you will live with for a very long time. It is important for you to take many things into consideration as you make your purchase decisions. What patio furniture will complement the site the best? How do I want to use the patio furniture? Will it be mainly for relaxing, eating, entertainment? How many people do I want to seat? How long will the patio furniture need to last? How much maintenance will be required? How much do I want to pay to get the best patio furniture for my money?

These are all very valid questions and while not a complete list of questions, it should give you enough to get started on your decision of what patio furniture to purchase. So, let's talk about it. Finding the right patio furniture to fit your needs and wants is the key to your happiness. Any outdoor furniture you purchase will work for a time, the question is how will it please you a year from now? Think about what you want to use the patio furniture for and how it will fit into your area and landscape. Think about how you can mix and match to get your best look. Think about your needs to move the furniture from place to place in your setting and the options you might need to consider.

The first patio furniture I purchased came with an octagon table and 4 chairs. Within a very short time, I realized that I could not seat enough people for my needs. I could use two other chairs that I purchased with the set, but how could I get them around this table? I ended up making a round top to go over the octagon table top that would give me the expansion I needed. Now, I have to use a table cloth to make the round top work. While this solution has worked out OK, but, I should have thought through this further.

Sometimes, you might need multiple pieces to accomplish your needs. As an example, I have a screened porch attached to my home where the hot tub, grille and dining takes place. I also have a gazebo and dock down at the lake where I also entertain and need seating and table options there as well. My biggest challenge was how to balance the two areas. While the two areas are far enough apart that the patio furniture would not have to match, I did want some continuity so that there was not a stark difference between the two areas but yet, I did not want them to be identical.

One of the best suggestions I can give is consider the Adirondack. There are so many options in the Adirondack patio furniture line. You can consider the traditional Adirondack chair and ottomans but there are also other considerations. There are Adirondack style dining tables and chairs. There are cocktail tables and there are even indoor furniture in the Adirondack style such as bed room furniture, living room furniture and the like. The good thing is you can tie several rooms together and still give them their own unique look with the same type furniture. Or, like I did, you can tie two outside areas together with completely different looks from the Adirondack style patio furniture. It is a great look, with lots of options that are easily adaptable to your most diverse settings. Enjoy.