Choosing the Right Apartment

Visiting a place requires planning about travel, food, sightseeing and most importantly stay. You may be a visitor traveling with your family or friends, or on a business trip. If you are visiting Russia for a short trip, there are a variety of local Moscow style hotels or international star hotels, which provide accommodation. But if you are looking for something that is pocket friendly yet provides the comfort of your home, your best bet would be a rented Moscow apartment.

How to choose the right apartment?

The Moscow apartments are available according to your choice, be it short-term, medium-term or long term. If required these apartments are also available for sale. When looking for a Moscow apartment for a short term stay, there are a few things to look out for. You should have a clear understanding of the location in which you would want your apartment. If you are staying for a business trip, it will be convenient for you to stay near the city center with all conveniences like banks, markets, restaurants, and other local attractions. In order to understand the preferred locations, you can search on the internet for a map of Moscow to pinpoint the locations. While looking for apartments you can simply search for places available in those areas. Sometimes the contact numbers of the owners are also provided for visitors inquiry and booking.

Real estate agencies also operate in Moscow which provide information and help visitors to find their suitable apartment. Most of these agencies have English speaking staff who will accompany you to visit the various apartments before you book one. It is essential that you check out the apartment and inform the agent in case you do not like it. The other things that you should check out are:

  • If the landlord has legal papers for ownership of the apartment
  • If the central heating / air conditioning system and the taps are functioning properly
  • The apartments' security system such as the double or triple lock is functioning properly. Ideally the apartment should have a numeric code entry system or a magnetic key to the entrance.

When choosing your apartment the above factors should be kept in mind, to ensure that you have a peaceful and comfortable stay. It is necessary to have stress-free stay when you are traveling for a business trip and already have your hands full with work. These Moscow apartments [] can prove to be quite a good experience for such business, or any other short trips to Russia.