Choosing the Right Colors For Your House

Finding the perfect colors for your house is a tough job. On the other hand, it can also be an exciting journey of knowing yourself and matching your personality with your home.

Many factors must be considered to come up with colors that will highlight the best features of your house. The moods and emotions that you want to reflect in certain rooms have to match with the colors you choose.

The Inside Job

Choosing interior paint colors requires you to be creative and imaginative. You have to visualize what you want for your house. This is important to be able to match the colors to your future decorating plans.

Fill your mind with bright and inspiring ideas before deciding what colors to use. Browse into different home decorating books and magazines. Take note and find samples of the colors that attracted you most.

Visualizing the future look of your house does not mean overlooking what you have at present. Choose colors to complement a favorite sofa that will probably be in the living room for a long time.

There are current features in your house that need to be studied carefully to come up with perfect color combinations. House space is a key factor to consider in choosing the right colors.

Choose light colors to make a room visually bigger. Dark colors contribute to a compressed and tight look. You can depend on colors to solve spatial problems.

Certain rooms seek to project distinct moods. Bright colors are definitely out in bedrooms. Cool and relaxing colors like blue and green are what you need to create that cozy and sleepy feeling. Warm colors such as red and orange are considered in dining or living rooms because they make rooms more inviting and energetic.

Exterior Painting

Painting the exterior of your house makes you deal with your environment. You are working not only inside the room of your house but also with neighbors' houses as well. Colors will greatly depend on your decision to blend or stand out from the crowd.

Trees in the surroundings also matter in choosing colors. Do not use dark colors on your house if you have large trees nearby. They will make your place darker.

Remember that there are also existing colors in your house. You can opt for a shade that will match with the color of your roof. You may decide to just retouch the paint of the window sills or the house outlines and maintain their existing colors.

Once you have decided what main color to use for the exterior, have an eye on the parts you want to emphasize. Accent colors are usually done on doors and windows. You can use a darker or lighter shade to accentuate these parts and add character to your house.

Your True Colors

In painting the interior and exterior of your house, you need to achieve balance and harmony. Use your creative mind. Explore and do not be afraid to experiment. Just mix, match and you'll finally get the best and true colors you really like and are perfect for your house as well.