Choosing the Right Domain Names and Reseller Web Hosting

It is no secret that people turn to the web for products and services. Therefore, having a well optimized website is essential. However, it all begins with choosing from among the best domain names, which is crucial if you want to run a successful website. You will find a host of names available at a domain reseller.

The importance of domain names

The domain name needs to be short, catchy and easy to remember. Most importantly, it should represent your business. You can always use a domain checker for appropriate names before you go ahead with domain registration. This will ensure that potential customers can identify with your product and help you build a brand image. Use the right keyword so that your website gets to the top of search engine results. In addition, make sure to use a distinctive name with the help of a domain creator. A popular trend is to combine words into a new name.

The name should also be easy to say rather than have to spell it out for people. Domain registration is the next step once you pick a name from a domain reseller. Make sure to provide a valid email address to your domain registrar. This will help take care of any issues including expiry and renewal.

Get help building your website

Once you have your domain name taken care of its time to launch your website. If you haven’t created one as yet, you can use a website builder and create a site within a few hours. You will also find a mobile website creator to help you launch a well optimized website for the small screen. The next big step is web hosting. Your website needs to be launched live on a server. There are many companies that offer reseller web hosting services at affordable prices.

Choose the right web hosting service

Choosing the right hosting reseller can spell the difference between success and failure of your website. In today’s competitive world, most businesses cannot afford even a few minutes of downtime. This makes choosing a reliable reseller web hosting service mission critical. The first thing to consider before you go ahead and sign up for a web hosting package. Determine the kind of support you require. If your website needs to be up and running without any glitches look for a provider that offers around the clock support. The provider must offer adequate backup with regular automatic backup facilities. Don’t register until you are aware of your host’s disaster recovery plan.

It is always recommended to shop for a reseller web hosting service that gives you an uptime guarantee. You won’t want your customers to experience a blank screen or abandon their shopping cart because of downtime. Make sure the server has multiple backup locations so that you can always switch to another server is one is not available. To save money and time, look for a web hosting provider that offers scalable solutions so you can upgrade or downgrade according to your needs. You will want to evaluate the amount of bandwidth available and how your hosting reseller can deal with unexpected surges in traffic that can eat into available bandwidth.