Choosing the Right Living Room Furniture for Family Environments

Of all the decorating you do in your house, your living room furniture choices create the initial and deepest impression of your home. The living room is often where your family and you spend most of your time. It's what visitors see most and first, and it's often the hub of family time. How do you decorate your living room often paint a picture of who you are, what you like and what soothes you and your family.

Furniture Durability

While space constraints can play havoc with decorating plans, having the right size of couches, chairs and tables can offer adequate seating and an uncluttered appearance. Keep your room measurements in mind when you shop for different living room furniture. If you have pets and young children, consider durable material that resists stains and is highly resistant to wear. After all, you want furniture to look good for a long time. Leather seating may look and feel great, but the material is easily damaged and can be costly to repair. Choose instead a durable but lovely cloth or woven material that is easily cleaned.

Color Choices

Every house is different. Every family is different. Lighting, wall color and flooring type can all influence your choice of colors or patterns in your furniture. Generally, dark colored furniture hides dirt and stains better, but the darker hue can overpower attempts at a light and airy atmosphere. Of course, your accents, lamps and window dressings can counter that appearance, so if darker hues appeal to you, look to the accessories and accents-figurines, lamps, wall art and other decorations-to brighten the room.

Flooring Protection

If your living room furniture rests on carpets or carpet, you may consider using carpet protection gadgets. The most popular are disks of hard plastic which flat sides braces the furniture. The spiked side holds the furniture in place while preventing the carpet piling from becoming completely flattened. Some carpet guards have wheels, and some people do prefer them for easy moving. However, the wheels dig into the carpet just as the furniture itself would. Expect indentations from the wheels which can become permanent. If you place furniture on bare flooring, you may consider placing some kind of durable, non-scratch padding between the furniture and the floor. Many people like a soft, flexible square or circle of rubber mesh that can blend with the color scheme in the room.


Whether you like a modern appearance, an industrial or a traditional décor in your house, choose your living room furniture to match your family's needs and comfort and use your first-impression opportunity to its fullest.