Choosing the Right Marine Crane

Marine  Cranes  are specialized to use mostly for offshore purposes, but can also be used for onshore handling. Amongst  crane  manufactures only the most experienced venture into manufacturing marine  cranes . The scale of operation is indicative of not just the built of the  crane  but also of the vessel that carries the  crane . Container loading and unloading is one of the most common uses that  cranes  are put to. In addition to container placement, thes are also used in petroleum drilling and other mid-sea operations where they are part of a bigger set up.

Characteristics of marine  cranes 

 Cranes  on the deck generally operate with working loads of 10 to 15 tonnes though some are larger can lift as much as 40 tonnes easily. Marine can be used for rapid cargo loading and unloading. Big rigs can have as many as two or even three  cranes  installed on the centre line. These are placed on a turntable platform to give it a 360 degree reach. The gearing depends on the desired speed and load of operation. There are various types of  cranes  made depending on the nature of the operation for instance a hook  crane  for general lifting and grabbing  crane  for bulk cargo. Other options include with triple chrome rods, stainless rods, paint options, and stainless joints. These  crane  usually require only a single man to operate them.

Fassi  cranes 

These are known for their robust built and low maintenance. Most of them are manufactured in their factories by skilled workers with decades of experience. Optimization of working capacity, safety and efficiency are the driving factors while relentless research yields innovative solutions. Fassi is known for its purpose built  cranes  that are designed according to customer specifications. The company makes heavy-duty, medium duty and light duty  cranes  in addition to specials for marine, defence and railway purposes. Fassi’s services have made it a reputed manufacturer. Automated workshops are directly linked to warehouses. This means that only genuine replacements parts are sold to customers. The spare parts that are available from Fassi match in technical specifications those that were manufactured with the  crane . This ensures optimum performance even in the toughest of the working conditions.

Fassi’s special  cranes 

The special  cranes  from Fassi enjoy a high degree of reputation. The defence  cranes  are supplied to NATO and can be fitted on many types of vehicles including tippers and utility vehicles. They can also be installed with remote control so as to clear minefields. The marine  crane  has a special base that allows easy fitting on any vessel. The body is protected from saltwater. Nickel and chrome plating on jack rods increase the lifespan of the  crane . The railway  crane  can be fitted on trucks, locomotives, and wagons. The height limiter prevents the  crane  from coming in contact with overhead power lines while proximity sensors allow safe working even when trains are in transit nearby the site of operation.