Choosing Victorian Style Table Lamps

Stylish lamps are the key to a well furnished room. They redefine and enhance the overall feel and appearance of a room. The right lamp has to be chosen in order to bring the best out of your room, and with the wide range of lamps available in the market, you can easily find the most suitable one that fits perfectly with your decoration style.

When choosing table lamps, you will come across several different kinds of themes, from traditional to contemporary to antique and Victorians. If your room is decorated to a Victorian theme that consists of furnishings such as floral wallpapers, pottery tiles or wood paneling, then it is advised that you get a Victorian styled table lamp as well. Placing lamps that contradict the style of your room can ruin your entire bedroom theme. The first noticeable feature of a Victorian styled lamp is that it has elaborate details and some of it with vibrant colours or flowery prints on the shades.

An example of a Victorian styled table lamp is one that uses a peach colour glass shade with tinted stained glass borders surrounding the shade. It is enhanced with some clear glass pieces and jewels, while the base is finished with a washed mahogany bronze that adds a traditional touch to your room. For those who prefer Victorian style with some romantic feel, there are some designs that offer such sensations too. For instance, you can find a washed mahogany bronze base highlighted with gold finishes, topped with a shade that has finely carved, pink and red roses, bordered with emerald jewels. Another kind of lamps is one looking more like the Tiffany style. It has a uniquely designed and carved lamp base, paired with a Tiffany style royal blue stained glass with matching diamonds on it.

In any case, there are certain points that you should take into account when buying the various styles of table lamps. The most important one would be to make sure that the lamp is of correct height so that you can get proper lighting. The colour of the lighting should also fit your needs. For instance, if you require it for reading purposes, then it should provide sufficient brightness instead of dimmer lights. In addition, the size of the lamp should fit on the table nicely too. It should not be too big and unstable or too small such that it defeats the whole purpose of a lamp.