Christian Relationship Help: Loving Detachment Is the Secret to Dealing With Difficult People

Are you looking for Christian relationship help for your difficult relationships? Then you need to read this article on why loving detachment is the secret to dealing with difficult people. Difficult relationships are complicated. It is easy to lose your life in the midst of the problems by focusing too much on the other person. The solution is to learn how to live your life and let the other people live their lives. The way it is done is by using loving detachment.

Loving detachment is:

Taking responsibility for living your life. You are responsible for your own actions, inactions, feelings, thoughts, and reactions. It is important that you do not blame the other person for how you live your life and even more important that you don’t wait to live your life until the problems are gone. Figure out what is right for you and then do it.

Allowing others to take responsibility for living their lives. It isn’t your responsibility to control what other people choose to do or not do-no matter how closely intertwined their lives are with yours. Their choices and the consequences of those choices belong to them-in this life and in eternity.

Facing the truth about what is happening. Detachment is not numbness, an absence of emotions, or denial. None of those things are healthy ways of responding; instead, you want to see the truth about what is going on and yet make wise, thoughtful, and intentional choices about how to deal with it.

Controlling how you respond. One of the components of a difficult relationship is reactivity. Emotions are strong and it is easy to get caught up in the drama. Detachment allows you to maintain a healthy objectivity about it. You can step back and observe what is happening and then decide how you want to act rather than just reacting.

Loving the person while detaching. It is your responsibility to respond to evil with a blessing which means you choose your response rather than doing what the other person does to you. You can love people while allowing them to own their behavior and choices. God does that with us. He loves us, treats us with kindness, and yet convicts us of our sin and holds us accountable.

Detachment is the secret to being able to live your own life in the midst of difficult relationships. This Christian relationship help will enable you to love while detaching. It will set you free!