CIPA Introduces Added Vision for Towing

CIPA, a renamed car mirror manufacturer, is offering the automotive industry another reason to thank for. This time CIPA is bringing custom towing mirrors to augment vision when towing a vehicle.

CIPA mirror is included in European makes like BMW, Mercedes, Renault, Volvo and Volkswagen. It is also incorporated in some of the excellent boats, motorcycles, ORVs as well as personal snowmobiles and watercraft. Nowadays, CIPA supplies mirror to all tournament ski boats made in the US. CIPA is also the first company to offer PWC aftermarket mirror.

The revolutionary company has introduced several groundbreaking mirrors in the past. This time an addition has been made to the product line. To stay on top of the market, CIPA introduces another innovative product called custom towing mirrors.

CIPA custom towing mirrors slide over the existing mirror so as to give expanded view for towing. According to CIPA, these mirrors are easily installed without the need of other tools. They can be adjusted so as not to disrupt the existing mirror. These mirrors are also removable to give the owner preference either to attach it or not. CIPA custom towing mirrors also come in a wide-variety of material, color, features and adjustments to complement different kinds of vehicles.

Custom towing mirrors are specifically made for some operations. Operations include enhancing vision for safer towing. Features of said mirrors include its aerodynamic shape that wards off wind whistle and vibration, no-tool installation design, fully adjustable glass, make and model, and 1-year warranty. These mirrors also include shims and tightening knobs to secure a snug fit.

CIPA is claiming that their mirrors are designed to relieve stress out of transporting trailers. These mirrors are simply extended to create a wider look and to keep a close eye on the background. The mirrors can be adjusted to change the viewing angle. However, CIPA also noted that these mirrors are not made to fit stock side view mirrors with extra features like puddle lights, LED turn signals and automatic dimming.