Classic Men’s Wallets That Never Go Out Of Style

I know most men do not put much thought into choosing the wallet he uses. After all, it’s just something that carries your cold hard cash. But to me, the wallet is arguably a man’s most essential accessory and the wallet he carries says a lot about him and his personal style.

So regardless of you’re buying a wallet for yourself or as a gift, you should really take your time to pick a good one. It’ll accompany you for many years to come.

Women are clearly spoilt for choice when it comes to handbags and small leather goods. Every season, designers crack their brain to come up the “It” bag that will be the object of every woman’s desire.

As guys, we aren’t that fortunate. We don’t have that many designers clamoring for our attention. But it doesn’t mean we don’t have choices. In fact there are men’s wallets and small leather goods that never go out of style.

I find these timeless classics very appealing because there’s always an interesting story behind its success. They may not come cheap but they’ll certainly elevate your status in the style department.

Meisterstuck by Montblanc

Montblanc turned 100 in 2006 and there are many reasons to celebrate. The success of the legendary Meisterstuck fountain pen launched in 1924 helped Montblanc become the de-facto market leader of fine writing instruments.

Today, Montblanc is more than just a maker of fine writing instruments. The company has launched its leather goods, its fine watches, eyewear, fragrance and even jewelry.

Montblanc’s foray into leather goods started in 1935 when it acquired a producer of leather ware in Germany. Riding on the success of its Meisterstuck fountain pen, Montblanc launched the Meisterstuck leather collection.

Using black calfskin fitted with its signature “star” logo, Montblanc creates a masculine line of fine leather goods that is an instant hit with its predominantly male clientele.

Must de Cartier by Cartier

Well-known for its jewelry and fine watches, Cartier is one of the top luxury brands in the world and its products are associated with very, very high price tags.

1974 was the year Cartier made a comeback in the world of leather goods with the Must de Cartier line. The color burgundy, with a slight raspberry hue, was chosen as a logical continuation to the Cartier red for this must-have collection of fine leather goods. Burgundy soon became the new black.

The influential Bordeaux color, the iconic double ‘C’ logo, and the distinctive gold hardware make the Must de Cartier line a timeless classic.

But to be honest, Must de Cartier is not for the weak-hearted. Not every guy feels comfortable carrying a burgundy wallet with gold adornments.

Monogrammed Canvas by Louis Vuitton

With more than 100 years of history, Louis Vuitton monogrammed canvas must be the classic of all classics. And no matter what Louis Vuitton does to the monogrammed canvas, it still sells like hot cakes.

They splattered the canvas with graffiti. They planted red cherries on the canvas. They painstakingly sewed the motifs on denim. And they got Takeshi Murakami who reinterpreted the motif in brilliant rainbow colors. It seems like you can’t go wrong with the monogrammed canvas.

Unfortunately they don’t have a good selection of men’s wallets in monogrammed canvas so your choices are rather limited.

Pocone Nylon by Prada

It was in 1978 when Miuccia Prada took over the dusty luggage business from her grandfather. Under her helm, Prada became a luxury powerhouse with far-reaching influence in the world of fashion.

The world took notice when Prada made a handbag out of black waterproof Pocone nylon. Fitted with its distinctive triangular logo plate, nylon never looked so good. Miuccia Prada single-handedly made nylon luxurious.

Of course, I’m not expecting you to carry the popular nylon handbag. Prada does make nice nylon wallets trimmed with cowhide for men. Although it’s now available in many different colors, black is always a classic.

Woven Leather by Bottega Veneta

Once a second-tier brand in the Gucci Group’s stable, Bottega Veneta has become the group’s rising star. With its ultra-exclusive and elitist appeal, Bottega Veneta is poised to become the next Hermes.

Recreating the brand’s popular woven bags from the 1970s, Bottega Veneta beats the trend of logomania with its handcrafted leather goods made from the finest napa leather.

And consistent with the brand’s slogan “When your own initials are enough”, you won’t be able to see any logo on the leather goods. But the beautifully woven leather, which ages very well with use, should be enough to announce that you’re carrying a Bottega.

Line D by S.T. Dupont

S.T. Dupont is so well known for its lighters that it’s easy for us to forget that Simon Tissot-Dupont founded the company in 1847 making leather briefcases for diplomats and businessmen.

The classic Line D collection of fine leather goods was launched in 1985 and featured the Dupont “D” logo in gold on black calfskin. In recent years, they also offer Line D fitted with the trendier palladium hardware. But whether it’s in gold or palladium, Line D still looks as timeless as ever.

Burberry Check by Burberry

When we think of Burberry, we invariably think of the red, camel, black and white check that has become synonymous with the brand. It’s hard to imagine that the Burberry Check actually has a humble beginning. It was introduced in 1920 as a lining to the iconic Burberry trench coat.

Burberry is enjoying a revival in recent years – all thanks to its creative director Christopher Bailey’s modern interpretation of the classic check, CEO Rose Marie Bravo’s dynamism, and Kate Moss’ star power. You just can’t go wrong with such rich Brit heritage.