Classification of Smoke Detectors – Ionization, Photoelctric and Carbon Monoxide

It is true that among all disasters, fire is the most common and most deadly. Fire can occur all of a sudden at any place and any time. Only a few minutes are enough for fire to reduce our home, belongings and memories associated with them into ashes. It is not always possible to gain control over baneful fire very easily. Knowledge of the position of the fire at right time before it becomes fatal will allow us to take necessary steps or evacuate the place.

At present for detecting the fire smoke, smoke detecting devices are the best available devices. It is not at all possible for us to keep watch on every corner of the all day long. Smoke and fire detectors are capable of keeping constant watch for smoke. The use of fire in our households is quite frequent. Even a disastrous fire can occur from a small fire particle or a burning cigarette. Many a times it happens that fire particles accidentally fall on a carpet, cloth etc but you are not aware of it. After sometime the smoldering fire can suddenly develop into furious flames. The best smoke detector positioned at the right places can ensure safety from accidental fires.

Smoke detecting devices are broadly classified into two basic types – ionization and photoelectric smoke detectors. The categorization has been done on the basis of their smoke sensing technology. The ionization technology is well suited for small fire particles detection. This type of fire spreads quickly and can bring about serious damage. The second sort of fire is the smoldering type. This kind of fire smolders for a while before suddenly bursting into flames. To detect this type of fire a smoke detecting device with a better sensor is needed. The photoelectric smoke detectors are ideal for this purpose.

A third type of smoke detector also exists. It is the carbon monoxide smoke detector. It is gradually gaining popularity. Carbon monoxide also called the silent killer is a colorless and odorless gas. We are hardly aware of the fact that there are some sources of CO even in our households. Some of the very common sources are water heater, barbecue grills, fireplaces, stoves and so on. This gas is really dangerous and can even cause memory impairment and death. Proper carbon monoxide smoke detectors in the living areas are of great help. They help us by warning us about the critical level of CO in that area. If the level is above the danger mark then we need to take appropriate actions.