Clawfoot Tub Shower Enclosures

Adding a shower to any clawfoot tub not only adds and absolutely new element of usefulness for your bathroom but it will likewise include an amazing visual appeal too. The majority of the faucet and bath tub companies have come up with bundles for individuals who have an interest in incorporating a shower with their clawfoot tub so you will probably manage to find virtually any form or finish to complete exactly what you currently have in your bath room.

For anyone rather experienced with plumbing and all of the particular parts that are necessary to complete one of these solutions you can actually choose the parts individually and put together a completely personalized product. For the reminder of us though I would recommend choosing a package deal that has everything. I am going to review the various choices available down below.

Most enclosures come with a tub faucet, riser water pipe, shower head, shower ring, ceiling and wall supports.

1. Tub Wall Mounted Shower Enclosure

The Clawfoot Tub Wall Shower Enclosure is easily the most common type of clawfoot tub faucet installation. Just as you might imagine from the name, these types of enclosures are going to attach to the walls of the clawfoot bath tub.

Prior to ordering, you will have to determine what the exact measurements are. The simplest way to accomplish this is to take a ruler and measure from the right side of the faucet opening on the right over to the right side of the faucet opening on the left. The most commonly found measurement is 3 3/8 in .. It's also possible to occasionally come across distances of 5 to 6 inches so it is far better to measure ahead of placing your order.

2. Deck or Rim Mounted Shower Enclosure

Rim mounted shower enclosures are going to install on the top edge of the tub. The enclosures are generally found right at the end of the bathtub but they are also in some cases seen on the side. The two of these types are classified as End Mount and Side Mount. It's going to be very important when you're searching for a clawfoot tub shower enclosure for you to establish which kind you are looking to find because these shower enclosures connect in different ways.

One of the greatest advantages of having a rim mounted clawfoot tub shower enclosure would be that the faucet is not going to stick out into your shower. That allows you much more space to maneuver inside the shower. One of the most frequent complaints concerning a clawfoot tub is that they are claustrophobic therefore each and every inch is important.

3. Free Standing Clawfoot Tub Enclosure

This is actually the enclosure that you'll find the fewest of. The pink hippo. They will be more expensive compared to the many other enclosures. However I've got to confess these are my personal favorite. One of the biggest advantages of this particular design is that it will really showcase your finish. Simply like the deck mounted shower enclosures the free standing clawfoot tub shower enclosure provides you with a bit more space inside your bath tub. For those who have a tub that does not currently have holes drilled, I would recommend that you just see what is available in this style. I know that you'll be impressed.