Cleaning a Crystal Chandelier

What is one thing that makes a house very elegant and grand? Of course, it's a crystal chandelier.

Crystal chandeliers usually fit homes that are very spacious and well maintained. During the old times, chandeliers are only found in grand ballrooms of great, big mansions. But now, we can also have our own chandeliers in our homes.

As much as a crystal chandelier is so elegant and beautiful, it also needs constant attention. Dust and other pollutants destroy and scratch chandeliers. This will cause temporary deterioration if not taken care of properly. Dust can make a beautiful chandelier look old, battered and useless. So it is imperative that a person who owns one take the responsibility of cleaning and making it as beautiful as it can possibly be.

First step in cleaning a crystal chandelier is to know and be familiarized with its different parts. Chandeliers have many different kinds of fragile parts that need attention. Try to make a diagram on how to disassemble and assemble these parts. This will be very useful because there are times when we disassemble an item, we tend to forget or get confused on where to place what and how.

Remember that it can be very hard to clean crystal chandeliers at first but eventually through experience and knowledge, this will be a lot easier. Read the manual of the chandelier before trying to clean it in order to make the task a lot easier than it is. If there are things that you do not understand, do not hesitate to ask. Almost all companies have consumer help lines that can help us understand things in their manual. If not, seek professional help.

Second step is to find a sturdy and comfortable ladder. Cleaning a crystal chandelier can be very hard. SO you have to have a ladder wherein you can reach all parts without the risk of falling off. If there are little detachable parts, it is better to bring something where you can place them to avoid losing or worse breaking them. These fragile parts need to be polished individually to achieve the perfect gleam that you want from your chandelier. Also, parts that are not detachable should also be properly dusted and cleaned. Wipe these parts with soft cloth and make sure that no dust will remain.

Of course, when you disassemble something, you need to bring them back together, this is the third step. By using your diagram for the small parts, connect all of the parts as carefully as possible. Putting them in the wrong place may pose a risk of them falling off and historically breaking off to many brightly colored pieces. To avoid such accidents, place them back in such a way that you have removed them. If they need to be screwed back together, make sure that it's not loose or anything.

Responsibility comes with buying and owning beautiful things. Imagine having a crystal chandelier that is very dirty. Of course, that will make the over-all look of you house displeasing.