Cleaning Glass Cooktops – What to Buy

Keeping a clean glass cooktop or ceramic flat top stove is just as much about being diligent and tidy as it is about stocking the right supplies. Every cleaning supply cabinet that shares a kitchen with a ceramic or glasstop stove should have the following glass cooktop cleaners:

Baking Soda and White Vinegar

The old tried and true, mean green cleaning machine. For greasy stains, spray your entire glass or ceramic stove with white vinegar and then sprinkle those nasty burnt on grease stains with baking soda. Scrub, scrub, scrub and it’s gone!

Single Edge Straight Razor Blade

When a stain gets caked on to a glass cook top, a razor blade can sometimes be your only hope. Keeping the flat edge against the cooktop, gently try to lift off the stain without scratching the cooktop.

Plastic Scraper and Cleaning Pad

Cerama Bryte makes a pad and scraper combo specifically designed for glasstop stoves. These implements work like a charm but won’t scratch your stove – the same can’t be said about steel wool or other abrasive cleansers!

Glass Cook top Cleaner Wipes

Your glass stove will shine brighter if you wipe it down after every single use. But who wants to go through the hassle of getting out all those cleaners? Glass oven cleaning wipes are excellent for quick clean ups. It’s a happy medium between wiping it down with nothing but a wet rag and going the whole nine yards with a commercial glass cook top cleaner.

Commercial Cooktop Cleaner

The best medicine for a greasy or dirty cooktop is the commercial cleaner recommended by the manufacturer. If you don’t have that old manual laying around, you can probably pick up any of the top brands of glass cooktop cleaners, such as Cerama Bryte or Cooktop Magic. Commercial cleaners are awesome for safely and effectively blasting away greasy stains.