Cleaning Up Oil Spills in Your Garage

One of the worse things which can be spilled on a floor is oil. It is one of the hardest things to effectively clean up, since the film stays behind after it has been cleaned. There are a few different techniques you could use, though, so that you are able to get the oil off of your floor as soon as possible. The sooner you get the oil off of the floor, the better chance you have of it not ruining the spot where it landed.

The most common way for people to clean oil is to use a rag or paper towels to be able to soak up the excess. This works for a quick clean up, but the film will still remain on the ground after you have cleared away the bulk of it. For you to truly be able to clean up the oil, such as compressor oil, you will need to use something such as paint thinner or turpentine. This will break away the film on the ground so that you will be able to pass with another clean rag or towel so that you can effectively clean away whatever remains.

Another way to clean up oil is to use your air compressor parts to be able to push away the excess oil. Make sure if you use this method that you have a safe place for the oil to go to. You can not simply blow the oil away from one area to put it somewhere else, nor are you able to push the oil outside. Once the oil would hit the ground, there would be a chance that it would be able to pollute the environment. Another good reason for not pushing the oil onto the ground is that if you should get done, you could be heavily fined.

Which ever method you choose, it is important to make sure that the oil is immediately cleaned up. Waiting to see whether or not it will still be there later can lead to much more serious problems than if you should simply clean it up. If you are concerned about getting oil on your clothing or hands, you can buy latex gloves for yourself and coverings for your clothes so that you will not have to deal with this problem.

Not cleaning up an oil spill, such as compressor oil, can lead to problems, such as permanently staining the area benefit it. The oil will be able to soak into the material and embed itself there. Once oil becomes embedded, it is very difficult to remove it without having to replace the spot where it fell. An oil spill can also lead to other hazards, such as slipping and falling on the ground. If this is your shop, you could find yourself having to pay for someone else's medical bills because of this.

Oil spills can seem like a problem at first, but with enough cleaning supplies and your air compressor parts; you will soon find yourself being able to tackle them long before they become a problem. This also makes for a clean work environment for you and that can lead to better results.