Cleaning Wool Carpets – Providing the Best Carpet

A carpet made of wool is the best choice for any room that is subjected to heavy traffic. Most authentic carpets are made of wool. In countries where wool is harder to come by, a mixture of wool and cotton fibers may be used to construct the carpet. Cleaning wool carpets in the right manner will protect the wool fibers from being hurt by soil and dirt that can become trapped in the carpet. Dirt and other particles are easier to remove from wool as opposed to other materials used to make modern rugs. Rug cleaning for these types of carpets is fairly simple and a minimal amount of effort is needed to preserve these rugs.

Valuable and authentic carpets do need specific precautions to be taken and may require a little more detailed care. Experienced hand weavers spend a lot of time creating these carpets and the wrong cleaning practices can be very hard on them. Specific cleaning solutions and spot treatment products must be used to make certain the fibers are not harmed and the natural dyes do not fade, bleed, or become discolored. Contacting a local rug cleaning company to ask questions about caring for your carpet can save a lot of time and ensure that the right products are used on such an expensive item.

Use certain cleanup practices within the home to further protect the carpet from extensive damages. Vacuuming is vital because it will remove all loose dirt from the carpet and prevent it from being working into the fibers. Wool rugs resist dirt and soil and with a consistent vacuuming routine, most of the resisted particles can be removed before they are embedded into the carpet. The recommended vacuum frequency is at least three times each week. Vacuuming daily will help it remain in the best condition possible.

React to spills quickly and clean then with a white towel and blotting. The spill can be diluted with water if needed. Make sure a small amount of water is used to prevent the carpet from absorbing large amounts of water or other liquids. Access liquids can lead to discoloration leaving it with a hint of yellow or brown coloring. Do not scrub the carpet if a spill or stain occurs. Scrubbing will break the fibers down faster and cause the carpet to look fuzzy and rugged.

Rug cleaning by a professional service every one to two years can also help the carpet remain intact and looking beautiful. Do not employ in home cleaners or try to clean the rug in your spare time. Choose a responsible rug cleaning company that has many years of experience in cleaning wool carpets. Your chosen cleaner will have thorough knowledge of the carpets fibers and what chemicals and solutions are safe to use during cleaning. Professionals also make certain all solution is rinsed from the rug and it is dried all the way through. This will prevent color and fiber harm as well as more severe damages such as dry rot and mildewing.