Cleaning Your Chandelier – Safety Tips

Chandeliers are essential accent pieces in dining and living rooms of homes. Chandeliers bring life to holidays and special occasions, and nothing beats an elegantly set table with crystal, china, silverware and linen like having an equally sparkling and gleaming chandelier.

However, despite its allure and stature, many chandeliers suffer from neglect and improper cleaning. Since these pieces are sensitively intricate, people would resist cleaning them until it's absolutely, positively necessary to do so.

If a chandelier is dirty and filled with dust, grime and cobwebs, it is time to clean it before that special occasion arrives and when you should be in a hurry, you could cause some of the crystals to drop, or probably damage the fixture itself .

Be sure to your chandeliers in advance before any major event, so it will be ready when the special occasion comes.

Ways to clean chandeliers

There are a lot of ways on effectively cleaning chandeliers, however there are two standard methods used when it comes to cleaning a chandelier. The methods refer to the way you clean the fixture and the 2 choices are either to wet clean or dry clean them. Should one have an ornate and opulently designed chandelier or one that is placed too high too clean, you may probably have to wet the fixture.

If you have a particularly fine crystal chandelier, you must first contact the lighting center of your choice, or where you purchased the fixture, and inquire about the proper way to clean it. It is also advisable to ask for advice from a lighting professional or an electrician. However, it is also recommend that one uses a spray cleaner or try individual hand cleaning. If one has any concerns at all, hand, or dry cleaning could be the best choice.

Safety tips for cleaning chandeliers

Before proceeding with cleaning your chandelier, take note of the following safety precautions:

– Turn off the electricity first at the circuit breaker box, to prevent electrocution.

– Plug another light at another outlet, on another breaker switch, to lighten the area and guide you when cleaning the chandelier.

– Move anything breakable away from the cleaning area.

– Use a tall ladder so that you will not have problems reaching inner areas of the chandeliers.

– Put a mat or a large of plastic on the floor to serve as a catch basin for any drips, and also place a soft blanket or cloth on the floor to catch any crystals, should one fall

For the proper and thorough cleaning of chandeliers, it would be best to follow these important procedures:

– Take out all bulbs and put them away.

– Lay a large towel above the bottom of a sink or dishpan. Fill this halfway with medium hot water. Add soap, detergent and swish up to create suds.

– Fill up a large container or pan with clean hot water for rinsing and pad this up with a towel to keep fine, crystals or glass from breaking.

– Take the crystal drops and saucers off of the chandelier and wash a one at the time. Wipe the frame of the chandelier with a cloth filled with suds.

– Continue washing, and re-changing parts of the chandelier until the whole fixture is clean. Afterwards, wipe them dry and put them back into their sockets.