Cleaning Your Crystal Chandeliers at Home

Crystal chandeliers are a fancy decorative piece you can include in a home. They are hung for years in hallways, lobbies, or even in the living room of your own homes. Crystal chandeliers are very attractive decorations because of the shine and sparkle they create. But as time passes and dust begins to coat these crystals, they begin to lose their natural luster. Here, a call for cleaning is made.

Since crystals will not tarnish or fade with normal cleaning techniques, you can conveniently do the clean-up at home. However, you need to follow the proper way of cleaning them to ensure that your chandelier will be at its best condition after the cleaning process. This article will serve as your guide in cleaning your crystal chandeliers at home.

The White Glove Technique

The white glove method does not need you to remove the crystal pieces from the chandelier. By preparing a solution and mixing it in a bottle, you can clean your crystal chandelier at an instant. Three parts of distilled water is mixed in a spray bottle with one part of isopropyl alcohol. This will serve as your cleaning solution for the crystal chandelier.

When the solution is already prepared, you can don your white cotton gloves and start cleaning the crystal piece by piece. Spray an amount amount of the above solution on one gloved hand and let the other remain dry. Caiss the crystal with the wet glove and dry it using your other hand. After which, you've notice that the crystal slowly returns to its normal sparkle.

Crystal Removal Method

If you find the white glove method not sufficient enough to clean the whole chandelier, you can choose to remove the entire lighting system and clean it. You can only detach it from the ceiling through removing the trim. Always locate the trim first so you'll know how to reassemble it later on. When you have removed the chandelier, wash the crystal pieces on warm and sudsy water. Use mild soap for the crystals and dry them afterwards with the use of cloth.

The crystal removal method is done by many home owners who have long wanted to detach the crystal chandelier from their ceilings. Once you have cleaned the chandelier, daily maintenance is required to avoid them from getting filthy again.

Whichever method you choose, remember to handle the crystal pieces with care. Carefully hold all the pieces since everything is easily breakable. By exercising extreme caution in every step you make, you'll avoid breaks in your crystal pieces. – Crystal Chandelier