Cleaning Your Gutters and Downspouts in Winter

If you didn’t get the opportunity to clean your gutters and downspouts during the fall, you’ll have to make sure it gets done during the winter months. Waiting until the last leaves fall from the trees may cause you to run late on your exterior maintenance. Before you know it, winter has arrived and your gutters are clogged. Leaves are biggest cause gutter and downspout blockage in the winter months. The added weight of snow and ice can cause damage to the facial boards the gutters are mounted to. Without proper cleaning, they may begin to pull lose from the eaves.

Loose gutters can let snow melt and rain get behind the gutter and eventually rot the wood. It is very important to keep your gutter and downspouts clear of trash and debris that has accumulated over the autumn months. If you were fortunate enough to have cleaned your gutters before the winter season, you can still perform routine cleaning without having to use a ladder. A gooseneck extension that hooks up to a typical garden hose may be all you need to pressure wash the leaves from the gutters and downspouts. The gooseneck extension can telescope out to provide you with an added 8 feet of hose with a pressurized tip to make sure all the loose leaves in the gutter can be cleared.

Preventative measures taken in the fall can help ensure that you gutters remain easy to clean in the winter. An inexpensive way to keep fallen leaves, sticks and debris out of your gutters is to purchase rolls of plastic mesh to cover your gutters. They are very easy to install and can save you from the tedious job of climbing ladders and removing debris from the gutters. A hose with a power nozzle can be used to wash away the leaves and debris that is formed on the plastic mesh screens. This is much easier than digging through your gutter system to remove the buildup.

A leaf blower with a tapered pipe can also be helpful. The powerful air can be used to clean the downspouts and remove any debris that water could not. You can even use a plumbing snake for tougher, more clogged jobs.

Other preventative measures taken in the winter months will need to be done early in the season. These techniques will save you the hassle of having to clean your gutters and downspouts too often. Keeping up with gutter maintenance can be necessary chore, but keeping your gutters covered with a screen and performing routine cleaning will keep your home free from damage.

Keeping the immense weight of fallen leaves, sticks and debris, as well as the weight added by snow and ice, off of your home’s gutter system should be your main concern during the winter season. Take preventative steps to ensure your gutters stay clean and free from excess debris.