Cleaning Your Marble Flooring Tiles

Marble tiles for flooring in your bathrooms, entryways, and kitchen are becoming more in demand so there is a big need for the right products to clean these materials. It is not hard to clean marble flooring tiles with the proper upkeep and maintenance. A few times a year you should have your marble flooring tiles sealed and polished. To keep them sparkling clean you should make sure that they are kept free from routine dust and dirt. Every day you should vacuum or use a soft bristled broom to get the loose dirt from the floor.

One important thing to know about marble flooring tiles is that dirt can be ground easily in as people walk around on the floor. Stuff like dirt, sand, and other debris that can be left on the bottom of shoes is abrasive, which can scratch the tiles and then the dirt can be ground into the scratches. To help prevent this from happening you could ask that people who are visiting remove their shoes before walking around the house, especially if they have been walking in mud or dirt.

Periodically you should clean the flooring using a warm damp mop. Make sure that it is only damp and not dripping water. It may be necessary to do this daily after sweeping, especially if you have children who are spill prone. On the market today, more commercial products have been formulated to keep your marble flooring tiles looking like new. These cleaners do not need to be used every day but some should be kept on hand for monthly cleanings or in case of an accidental spill that cannot be cleaned with a damp mop. Make sure before you use the cleaner that you read the label and follow the directions precisely as written.

Vinegar is a product that many homeowners fall back on to use as a cleaner but it is not recommended as a cleaner for your marble flooring tiles. The acid in the vinegar could damage the surface of your flooring. Even mild soaps and detergents are not recommended. You should only use plain water to damp mop your marble flooring tiles or a special cleaner that is for that particular type of flooring. After you damp mop your flooring you should dry the floor completely using a fluffy town because the floors tend to spot and stain if left to air dry instead of being dried by hand.

You should seal and polish your marble flooring tiles every few months. The sealant will help to protect the flooring from everyday grime and dirt, making it easier to clean on a regular basis. The polish will help the marble flooring tiles shine.