Cleaning Your Stainless Steel Handrails and Guardrails?

With the trend in architecture leaning towards steel, glass, and concrete, it is no wonder why many homes now have stainless steel handrails and guardrails. Handrails are necessary in areas with staircases, while guardrails are mainly useful for outdoor purposes. If you have both these structures in your home, it’s probably time to think about cleaning them. Doing some preventive maintenance is necessary if you want these structures to last longer. The following are some tips on how to go about the cleaning process.

Schedule the cleaning process

Cleaning stainless steel handrails and guardrails can be tough especially if you have young children or pets in your home. If possible, have someone to care for your children or pets so you can focus on the chore. This will save you from possible delays and slipping incidents especially when you have children and pets that tend to run around your household.

If your handrails and guardrails are outdoors, then you might want to check the weather forecast. The last thing anyone wants is to end up ready with the cleaning chore but have to re-schedule because of rain.

Prepare the necessary materials

If your handrails and guardrails are relatively new, then you probably just need a microfiber cloth and vinegar. If you own an older handrail or guardrail and rust has begun to show, then you might need other materials. You will need a foam brush, spray bottle, anti-rust agents, dishwashing liquid, and some clear coat paint along with the microfiber cloth. The said materials will not only help clean the surfaces but will also help in removing and preventing rust. You should also think about preparing some cotton rags to help wipe some liquids that may spill.

Get your needed gear in order

Usual gear may include gloves and a facemask so you will not inhale the liquids involved in the cleaning process. You may also want to include a hat and a stool especially if you are cleaning stainless steel handrails and guardrails outdoors. The additional equipment could be necessary for your convenience especially when you need to clean a long line of railings.

Clean away

For owners with rust-free stainless steel handrails and guardrails, dampen a microfiber cloth with some vinegar to wipe clean the entire surface. When you are already satisfied with the job, you can now apply the clear coat paint as protection against fingerprint marks.

For those with rust problems, you may want to place the vinegar in the spray bottle to spray the rusted areas and loosen some of the rust. Scrub these areas later with a foam brush to remove the corrosion. Wipe the surface with the microfiber cloth afterwards to keep it dry. Place some anti-rust agents on the areas where rust occurred to protect it. You can then apply the clear coat paint as added protection.

The said tips are here to help you in cleaning your stainless steel handrails and guardrails. If you want more tips especially on removing rust, then read on more resources about the subject. Some online resources and published works focus solely on this area to help you get the job done faster.