Clear Gloss Concrete Sealers

A clear gloss concrete sealer is an acrylic resin system with built-in water repellence. Clear gloss concrete sealers generally consist of low volatile organic compounds, which are non-inflammable and non-staining. They ensure outstanding adhesion and durability, by repelling moisture and resisting efflorescence, marring and stains.

A clear gloss concrete sealer is chiefly used to provide a high gloss finish along with a wet look to concrete surfaces. It also helps to protect the concrete from chemicals such as brake fluid, transmission fluid, motor oil, salt water, bleach and gasoline. Clear gloss concrete sealers are most effective to treat concrete patios, driveways, exposed aggregate, garage and basement floors, porches, steps, and sidewalks. It is also applied over acid stones, untreated bricks, and unglazed tiles.

Clear gloss concrete sealers are usually applied directly on bare concrete surfaces. Sometimes, these are used as a top coat to provide superior protection. Before applying clear gloss sealers, it is necessary to prepare the surface, which includes removal of dirt and oil. Some concrete surfaces may need acid-etching. In the case of previously painted concrete surfaces, all chalk and peeling paint must be removed. For concrete surfaces coated with high gloss items such as epoxy and urethane, the surface is required to be abraded to remove the gloss. A floor scrubber or an abrasive scrub pad will best serve the purpose.

It is also vital to test for product compatibility, prior to the usage of clear gloss concrete sealers. For best results, a minimum of two to three coats is required. To apply clear gloss concrete sealer on porous concrete, airless sprayer is the most recommended equipment. A stationary pull-along applicator or a brush can be used for applying clear gloss concrete sealer in smooth surfaces.

At present, a choice selection of clear gloss concrete sealers formulated from advanced technologies is available. Concrete sealers with non-toxic, bio-based penetrating systems are suitable for green buildings and structures with complaints regarding air quality.