Clear Plastic Boxes

I offered to host my best friend’s bridal shower. This is a great honor and I am thrilled and very excited about the event. However, when the bride-to-be told me that she wanted clear plastic boxes for the party favors, I was a little apprehensive. I had full reign on just about every other detail of the party. The clear plastic boxes appeared to be a little odd at first.

That was, until I got to check what products are available in these containers. These plastic items are perfect for the event because they are sophisticated and sleek but still understated. I think that the only problem I have to deal with is choosing which ones will be best for the occasion.

Clear Plastic Boxes – the style

When I finished my shopping, I have it narrowed down to four finalists. The clear plastic boxes come in a whole array of different styles and designs so getting this far was a great challenge for me. The final four each possess something special to offer and I guess that I might have a harder time choosing than I originally thought.

The first clear plastic boxes that are on my finalist list are quite simple in design. They look more like regular square gift boxes and they have tuck tops that fit right into place like lids. These items are flat and have to be set up but that takes little time.

My second pick is exactly the same as the first except for the bottom. These clear plastic boxes have tuck lids but they also have attractive golden card bottoms. This gives the basic design a little character and shimmer but I think that it might be a little too much. The whole reason that we went with clear plastic boxes was because they have light colors or distracting textures.

Clear Plastic Boxes – the perfect choice

Since I love purses in general, the circle top gift box seemed like the best choice for the occasion. These items fit together to look like a little purse with convenient handles. I love purses but that doesn’t mean that these items are perfect for my friend’s celebration.

The butterfly top clear plastic boxes are more associated to her style. These items are absolutely beautiful, unique and they are simple to assemble. They fit together just like traditional gift containers and they do match the overall theme of the bridal shower. I suppose I actually managed to make a decision. For now, the finest choice in clear plastic boxes is the butterfly design.