Clear Plastic Tubes

Clear plastic tubes have many uses and actually come in many different formats … although the name sounds like 1 type there are actually around 8 different types of Clear Plastic Tubes:

Clear Cast Tubes

. Can be cut to any size upon request

. Available in different finishes upon request

. Special Structurally bonded lengths can be made to order

. Very easily fabricated and machined

. Approved for food contact

. Easy to glue, curve form and process

. Very good impact strength and extremely good optical clarity

. Sizes of up to 650mm in diameter are stocked as standard, bigger sizes are possible.

Clear Continuous Cast Tube

. They come fully polished and totally transparent

. Can be purchased as whole tubes or can be cut to single pieces

. Good impact strength and easy to machine

Clear Extruded Tube

. Most sizes stocked as standard

. High quality special extruded tube available

. Available in different finishes

. Great optical clarity

Clear Polycarbonate Tube

. Can be cut to requested size

. Offers great light transmission and UV protection

. Has a very high service temperature

. Has the highest impact resistance of all the clear plastic tubes

Fluorescent Tube

. These tubes are fluorescent and available in many colors

. Although colored they are still clear and transparent

Satin Tube

Sand blasted to give satin effect

. Extraordinary light transmission

. Perfect light diffusion

Clear Square Tubes

. Square tubes instead of circular

. Opals and colors available

. Lengths bonded to order

Transparent Colored Tubes

. Available in a wide range of colors all with transparent effect

. Easy to curve, fabricate and machine