Clearance Chandeliers

A chandelier is one of the most important lighting fixtures in the room, and if chosen wisely, it
is an investment that can greatly add to the value of your home.

To choose the right chandelier, the first step is to identify the right size. In a dining room where there is a lot of traffic, where the kids work on their project or the family gets together for evening meals, the chandeliers may well be the centerpiece. So, it is important to make a statement with the kind of fixture you choose. Go for a decent sized chandelier. A chandelier that is too small for the room will look oddly out of place. At the same time, there is such a thing as an oversized chandelier. If you select a fixture that is too big for the room, you will end up with clutter. Select a chandelier that is just the right size for your room and place it
in such a way that there is enough illumination without it interfering with your activities. High ceilings can easily accommodate two to three tiered chandeliers. Lower ceilings can accommodate smaller chandeliers.

Once you have decided on the size, it is time to select the design of your chandeliers. Choose something that matches your paint, furniture and accessories perfectly. Mismatched pieces will give your room a shabby look. Formal rooms will look stylishly with traditional crystal chandeliers while modern homes look good with simple pendant designs and metal finish. Other popular choices may include mission chandeliers made in bronze or antiqued finishes. If your home leans towards ethnicity, choose bold fixtures with wrought iron finishes. For the rustic look, you can choose something with a woody look. In case you are still wondering what kind of style to choose for your chandelier, just go with the muted simple pendant chandelier.

Although the chandelier may be the centerpiece of your room, by no means is it provided to be the only source of illumination for a room. Use a number of light sources to supplement the glow cast by your chandelier. Wall sconces, recessed lighting and table lamps placed at the right places will do the trick.