Clearing Acne With Toothpaste?

Out of all the ways to clear acne that there are out there one of the most unusual sound at least at first is toothpaste. Yup! You heard me right, toothpaste. When my girlfriend first told me about this particular method, at first I did not believe her but after a post on Face Book asking her friends if they knew anything about it, in less than a day more than a dozen replies had been posted all raving about using toothpaste to erase acne. Then the more I thought about it, the more it made sense!

The main ingredients in most paste based toothpaste are baking soda and peroxide. Both have already been proven to clear acne on their own, but when combined in a "paste" that quickly dries around pimples, using toothpaste as a way to get rid of acne turns out to be an extremely effective solution!

Using tooth paste to clear pimples does have its drawbacks though. First of all, some people are allergic to either baking soda or peroxide so as always when using home based remedies make sure to test out in a small area before applying tooth paste to half your face. That's another thing, using tooth paste usually works best in small patches. If you have a really severe acne problem, its going to take a little more than toothpaste to get everything back under control.

How to use Toothpaste to Clear Acne: The first thing you're going to want to do is wash your face as usual before bed. If you're using any other acne medication this method is generally safe with it so do not stop what you're doing. Pat dry your face with a towel and then whip out the toothpaste. You'll also want to make sure that you have a "toothpaste" not "tooth gel" because tooth paste in gel form has totally different ingredients and is not an effective acne remedy. Finally, try to avoid any toothpaste that is specifically designed for whitening teeth as those toothpaste types typically contain very high concentrations of peroxide which can over dry your skin. Basically, what you want to do is put a dab of toothpaste on each pimple so that it covers everything. The first couple times you do this, you may feel a slight burning sensation, but it does not tend to last too long. Plus, as a bonus everything will have a "minty fresh" smell. The best thing to do is to leave the stuff on overnight. You'll get a bit of toothpaste on your pillow but that's alright, it washes off extremely easy. It usually only takes one or two nights to see results.

Personally, I've had results with this method. It really seemed to work with pimples that just started forming and white heads. However, if a big ole 'greasy sucker popped up, then I found the toothpaste really did not help so much. So if you get them early, this method is pretty solid. One of the beauties of using home remedies is that you're using things that cost little to no money and are using things that you already have around the house and toothpaste fits the bill. Toothpaste will get the job done and will do it quite effectively but only as a micro spot treatment and not a general cure for your acne problem. That comes from an active acne regiment and good hygiene.