Clearing the Way to Christ Consciousness

“The Apostles got into the Boat and went to the other side” Matthew 14:22

Keep this Scripture in mind as we weave our way through this article, we shall return to it later.

For centuries, like beavers, man / woman has been building dams to blocking our divine nature.

Consequently, so many people in the world today are living their bliss, their soul-potential unconsciously, as conscious ignorance or inverted bliss. Parallel to this we have the term “ignorance is bliss”, so, how is this latter expression to be understood spiritually, or is it simply a play on words?

“Ignorance is bliss” could be interpreted as “what we don’t know won’t hurt us”, in that, the mind is spared the need of digesting unpleasant facts such as negatively charged TV and Radio news bulletins. On the other hand, “Ignorance is bliss” can translate as unconscious bliss potential awaiting integration.

In reality spiritual ignorance is subconsciousness in need of purification — an aspect of mind waiting to be made conscious. In other words, while “Life is Bliss”, Life requires a fully conscious awareness to reflect the nature of bliss: unconditional love, compassion, creativity…

The Barrier

While spiritual ignorance indeed poses the obvious barrier to realization in God-Consciousness, ignorance is a necessary dynamic which we must all undergo in depotentializing the soul’s non-serving belief systems (sin seeds) which have become embedded in the subjective mind or soul. Otherwise, under law, evolution continues replaying these previously established sin molds — our non consciously dealt with “cause” (of effect) thought patterns.

By way of automatic behavior, subconsciousness controls our human value system, world perceptions: our every mental activity in daily life. In other words, on acceptance in deeper mind, negatively charged thought seeds (sin nature) travel from the brain to the solar plexus, where they germinate to be “manufactured” as our physical / mental environment. Thus also is cyclical reincarnation programming, maintained.

In effect ignorance (of spiritual nature) serves only to reflect that which is unnatural to our eternal immaterial or spirit nature. To knowingly endure the status quo of spiritual ignorance — partake of its fruits — is to consciously choose pain / suffering. On the other hand, sin / ignorance is Grace or healing-forgiveness in waiting — a calling out for conscious integration. “Sin” — the manifestations of ignorance — should be grasped willingly thereby allow Divine Light shatter its basis. Doing so allows the soul come under the direct influence of our own inner Unifying Christ Consciousness.

How Sin / Ignorance is Processed Within

This sub-level nature of “hell on earth” or “hell of our life” is created when the subjective mind is negatively charged with fear, stress, anger, worry, bias, judgmentalism and so on, to include excesses of unnatural sense gratification; our thought processes becoming automatically aligned to the “jink in, junk out” cycle. Thus, the unconscious, taking these engraved emotive patterns to be our conviction desires or command, manifests these patterns into our physical form and life experiences. “As we sew (in mind) so shall we reap” (experience).

As the saying goes: “what a man / woman thinks about all day becomes their reality”. In this context, consciously watching our dominant thoughts — inner / outer dialogues — is prerequisite to keeping our “sin bank account” — subconsciousness — pure or non existent, thus keeping the unconscious (soul) naturally attuned with Higher-Dimensional Consciousness — Christ within. In progressing to this level, conscious choice is the imperative as opposed to subconsciously obeying the dictates of lower-self. This is what Jesus meant when he said: “The prince of this world calleth and findeth nothing in Me” John 14:30 — no subconsciousness, no perennial “sin seeds” to be dealt with repeatedly.

Inner Self Awareness or, capacity of Love Presence, is like a spiritual weighing scales, where our mental-emotional processing is filtered through Cosmic understanding. In living Presence, we’ll have found the secret of blissful life participation — freeing the soul off the merry-go-round of subconsciousness. Subconsciousness, as mentioned here, is not the Subconscious often refereed to by american inspirational writers who are in fact referring to Infinite Being or Soul.

Awakening out of Death and the Time Dream

“So get rid of your old self which made you live as you used to… ” Ephesians 4:22-23

Because the event cannot be “experienced” as a reality in consciousness, the most common reminder or nudge to spiritual awakening is the bed-time dream. Here we’re confronted with a “death” confrontation — a no choice scenario but to awaken from that dream. In this situation, we’re required to “push” or birth ourselves out of the cocoon of utter fear, and wow, how exhilarating “the arrival” of the awakening experience. This dream revelation (which is real to us at the time) was necessary in order to consciously face the fear illusion which death poses, but which has no reality basis for experiencing except as experiential sin. In other words, conquering death is a realization born of Higher-Self or Christ consciousness.

If we didn’t awaken from this time-based existence, this material / ego dream, we’ll never know it to be a dream: “hellish existence” would be taken as natural leading to unnatural means of coping. In this regard, life-situations are constantly presenting as “choice of evolution” moments. Lifestyle behaviors, which are alien to our true nature, are constantly challenging us to awaken unto our innate Higher Aspect, gained through meditional techniques. Prior to spiritual awakening, everything that is happening in our life is there through our unwittingly requesting it – through ignorance or, disobedience to the prompts of our own indwelling Christ.

Present Moment

The single most contributing factor to spiritual ignorance — a consciousness paralyzed in time and residual fear — is absence of experiential Present Moment. While the conditioned lower-self ego is at home in the time-based world, such is not the soul’s domain, which is Transcendental – a level of consciousness attained while alive on earth. Therefore, some preparity work is needed to acquaint the physiology and consciousness in timelessness, transcendence, in present moment functioning.

The purpose of time, of course, is to reflect the dream-like scenario in the brain in order that we transcend time or the relativity domain, and, in the process, neutralize previous incarnations’ sin mounds. If there were no time how could we know it’s opposite, timelessness. Time is the dynamic from which each soul must gain its own freedom, and, we do this by birthing a NEW space dimension within: culturing a unifying of diversity consciousness. A level of conscious awareness that encompasses the everything / everybody in Creation. This time / dream dynamic remains our repeating reality only as long as our time-anchored “I” battles to maintain the status quo: a mind needing to be dragged kicking and screaming to the Transformation realm. For, an educated intellect is not the criteria of right or wrong action, rather a transformed cosmically-aware consciousness.

Pineal Gland Meditation – Portal to Bliss

Residual mental / physical tension is the dynamic which holds subconsciousness in place. In creating this NEW space in consciousness, the secret is to first rid the mind of tension / fear: “First seek the Kingdom”. By focusing the awareness between the eyebrows at the Pineal Gland in center of brain, thus the mechanics of tension, which support our deeply-held fears, are demobilized, desensitized – fear / tension becoming exposed to Awareness.

In focusing at the Pineal Gland, the virgin point of our own divinity is penetrated, incubated, thus fertilizing the root seed from which Eternal life emerges — the soul is freed out of Egypt, out of the time / fear / tension hypnosis and into bliss – the Promised Land or Divine Consciousness. Thus, at individual level, the unconditional love nature of our indwelling Christ becomes knowable.

Let us clarify Pineal Gland penetration. As the Pineal Gland is a tiny physical structure in the brain we don’t physically enter into it, rather, our consciousness is recipient of its Bliss Nectar. By way of Kundalini, or life-force rising up from the Base Chakra, it’s the Kundalini which activates the Pineal, out of which eternity consciousness emerges to become our Realized Christ Awareness. Our work is firstly: conscious intention to Kingdom Nature then, commitment to THE PRACTICE: Pineal / Kundalini practice is the matrix through which divine nature is revealed unto consciousness.

The process, while depotentializing deeply rooted time tracks or crystallized sin triggers from automatically replaying non soul-serving mindsets, simultaneously activates the Pituitary Gland. Pituitary Gland activity is needed for Human Growth Hormone production to maintain the physical body, which, among its other vital benefits, the hormone stimulates the immune / nervous system to optimal functioning thereby aid divine nature experiencing. After middle-age the Pituitary reduces HGH output, thus meditation is vital for re-balancing the deficit. Meditation also makes the body-system alkaline from acidic which helps reduce cellular oxidation or premature aging of the organism(s).

New Conditioning

And although, between meditations, the mind / nervous system are again exposed to further conditioning, such is transient, potency is shallow. Any new conditioning becomes integrated in the conscious living moment — not re-sewn, recycled for future mental digestion. In fact, challenges, or negative thought attacks, represent opportunities of establishing greater Self awareness leading to greater bliss levels in our nervous system. Bliss must be lived or acted upon consciously in our daily chores, this is how bliss is made permanent in consciousness:

Enlightened Consciousness

Due to the ego’s death during this interactive Pineal / Base Chakra period, the mind gets to know Transcendental consciousness – think Crucifixion / Resurrection (of consciousness). But remember, Pineal convergence-familiarization takes committed daily practice of bringing the intellect to Pineal focusing. This convergence environment is not taken kindly by the finite mind, even though, paradoxically, mind is being led to what it’s actually searching for – Bliss consciousness. How unwitting is that!

Pineal meditation transcendence also enhances a brain function known as neuroplasticity. This process allows for new neural pathways or nerve connections in the brain to form, thereby enabling development of greater explorational skills into newer frontiers of Creation, beyond our present human capabilities. By way of the brain’s new organizational ability, our cosmically-orientated Pineal consciousness can potentially find ways into previously unimaginable states of creative consciousness. Pineal orientation spiritualizes the neuroplasticity harvest thus “guaranteeing” the fruits of consciousness development are mutually beneficial to both mankind and Planet Christedness (in its reestablishment).

When the inner booster rocket of transcendence is ignited, thus the ignorance gravity field and limiting mind paradigms are conquered: consciousness moves on from base camp level of understanding to Summit Thought – think Star Trek: warp5, (within) Mr Scoty”.

From previously spiritually asleep souls, (biblical’s “son of man” or “natural man”) now, through consciousness development, new frontiers in spiritual evolution are crossed, no longer are we resigned to degenerative or diseased thought patterns. Rather, spiritual man / woman is destined to plow the Higher planes of cosmic consciousness: universes which God has ordained unto each soul.

As a starter to Pineal Gland meditation may I suggest the following breathing technique.

First, (closed eyes and seated with straight spine) breath out fully through the mouth. Then, when breath is exhaled, close the right nostril with thumb and breath in fully through the left nostril. Swiftly then, close left nostril and breath out fully through right nostril. Breath in through right nostril, close right nostril and breath out through left. Repeat this alternating breathing for about five minutes before settling onto gentle Pineal focusing. In practice, the inner gaze may drift upwards. This is fine, but allow this happen naturally, this is transcendence maturation. Do not strain the eyes in this exercise.

Returning to the Bible quotation mentioned at the beginning: “The Apostles (spiritual faculties within the brain) got into the boat (meditation) and went to the other side” (Transcendence).

The Bible is here talking about traversing from left-side brain – egoism logic — to creative, inspirational right-side brain via the boat of transcendence. In this process both the Pineal and Pituitary glands, plus the brain’s twelve Cranial nerves become spiritually active, leading to total brain and optimal organism functioning – consciousness aware in Higher logical perception. Combined with neuroplasticity activity, Pineal meditation presents the brain with “reconfiguration” opportunity, thereby advance out of the present primal five sensory awareness to cognition in multi-sensory cosmic perception.

With this level of expansionary Awareness, Spiritual Realization, that seemingly impossible to overcome sin, or addiction-based lifestyle, no longer looms as the Goliath in our life. Now, just as biblical David, we too have the Pineal White Light Marble to spiritual freedom and Self expression in our spiritual Hearts to once and for all slay the dragon(s) of limitation. Our Pineal Gland runneth over of Enlightened consciousness.

My Book “Transforming Your Life – How to Be All That You Can Be” covers this subject more comprehensively.