Clever License Plates

License plates are also called number plates or registration plates. Almost all countries or states have a legal requirement that vehicles are registered. The cost of registration varies between jurisdictions and the method of display also varies. However, one thing that is consistent is the license plate. There are only three standard sizes in the world and the rules governing what is on them, again is determined by the jurisdiction that is responsible.

People seem to have fun with these license plates. In many places, one can get a license plate made to their unique design. They are called personalized license plates, for example, many counties and shires have the name of the county or shire and a number, like NEWYORK1, or NOOSA10 on their vehicles. These plates do sometimes become collector's items, especially the names of cars, football clubs and other interest groups names.

Some people choose serious names like DOCTOR, DENTIST1, FOOTBALL, OPERA100, PRINCESS, PIRATE or any name that they think is distinctive.

Then there are those who spend time to think up plates that a funny or clever. Recently I saw a plate with IMADR, and I assume it means I am a Doctor. Another clever plate was BABA, and it took a while to work out what it meant. The plates are on a Black Jeep – so BABA Black Jeep. A plumber had a number plate CALLPIPE. The spelling of words on the clever number plates are following the SMS or text shortcuts. So now there are plates that have GR8TE for great and 8UXY for busy and the list goes on and on. There are many web-sites that give mountains of options for customizing.

Customized, individualized, personalized or private plates are often offered for sale and a price of $ 1,000 is not out of the question. Some plates have sold for tens of thousands of dollars. These plates are often sold at auctions in order to determine true market value. The value of the first UK plate A1, must be enormous.

Collectors of plates, either collect the real license plates or the novelty license plates. The different in the collecting is the price the novelty license plates are considerably cheaper than the real ones. When buying online, be sure to confirm that you are actually receiving what you are paying for.

Whatever your need for number plates, have a look around and you will find something interesting.