ClickBank Refunds – How to Apply For Your Money Back

So you have bought a product off ClickBank, and you would like your money back. Now what? In this article I’ll set out the steps involved in applying for a ClickBank refund.

Step 1 – Go To the ClickBank Customer Support Page

The easiest way to do this is to find the email receipt that ClickBank sent – this will include a link to the particular order. The other option is to manually enter the details on the ClickBank support page. Either way you should then be able to view the details of the order.

Step 2 – Lodge a Customer Service Ticket and Specify the Reason for Refund

From the ClickBank order page, there will be the option of lodging a ticket requesting that ClickBank refund the product. There are a number of different reasons which can be selected, one of which is “I was not satisfied with the product. / Product did not meet expectations.” There is also a text box where specific details regarding the issue can be entered.

Step 3 – Wait for at Least 24 Hours

Under the ClickBank customer support ticket system, a refund will be automatically granted after 24 hours have passed so long as:

  1. those hours do not fall on a weekend; and
  2. the vendor does not attempt to save the sale by offering assistance to help utilize the product or service.

If the vendor does not respond within this period then the refund should be processed.

Step 4 – The Vendor May Make Contact to Try and Save the Sale

What happens from here on will really depend on the product, the circumstances surrounding purchase and the vendor. If the vendor makes contact to provide technical support, either the customer or the vendor can change the ticket to a ‘technical support’ ticket. But the vendor should only do this with the customer’s consent – otherwise the matter can be escalated to ClickBank for review.