Clock Radio Problems?

What happens if the alarm clock radio does not work. To repair it yourself, I would suggest the following:

1. Check the power at the outlet, and make sure the power is on.

2. Check the pointer. Some household radios use a station frequency pointer mounted on a dial cord that is moved by a small wheel on the side of the clock radio. Other household radios use a digital frequency readout that cannot be adjusted.

3. If the sound is fuzzy, disassemble the unit and locate the volume control. Spray electrical contact cleaner into the control and rotate or slide the control several times to lubricate the mechanism.

4. Replace a damaged or broken antenna.

Most modern clock radios are built on printed circuit boards that can only be repaired by trained technicians. Some of the tools you may need are screwdrivers, wrenches, electronic control cleaner, denaturedl alcohol, soldering iron and solder.

Reset Dial Pointer

1. Turn on radio. Find a strong radio signal, listen to the frequency.

2. Use a piece of tape or grease pencil to mark the dial where the pointer should be for that frequency.

3. Unplug the receiver and open the housing. There are usually two to four screws in the underside of the radio.

4. Inspect the pointer mechanism for problems, such as a cord that came off at the end rollers, or a break in the cord. Replace the broken cord or repair it.

5. Loosen the spring clips Move the pointer along the dial cord until the station being received lines up with the tape or mark on the dial.

6.Tighten the clips on the cord. Make sure you do not move the pointer.

7. Plug the radio in and verify that the dial pointer reads correctly.

Replacing External Antenna

1. Loosen the antenna screw.

2. If there is no exterior screw, open the radio and access the antenna base.

Replacing an Internal Antenna

1. Unplug the receiver and open the housing.

2. Find and remove the internal antenna, of the internal base of the external antenna.

3. Inspect the wires wound around the antenna for serious damage. Make sure the antenna is firmly plugged into the main circuit board. If the antenna is damaged, replace it or attempt to repair the antenna, or replace the radio as a unit.

Clean Electronic Components

1. Unplug the receiver and open the housing.

2. Use canned air to blow dust from components, including any power cords and speaker jacks.

3. Use electrical contact cleaner, or a cotton swab dipped in dentured alcohol to clean electronic components.

4. If you find broken components on a circuit board, replace the circuit board. Before purchasing a circuit board, you can use a soldering iron and electronic solder to attempt a repair.

Your clock radio has been repaired by you.