Clothing and Equipment for Riding Horses

Whether you’re new to riding or have been riding your whole life, chances are that when it comes to the clothing and other equipment you need for riding, you want to get what you need with no fuss so you can go back to what you love most: riding horses. Beginners may not quite know where to begin when purchasing their riding wear, but here are some tips to get started with.

Investing in a high quality riding helmet should be a top priority regardless of your age. Having a helmet professionally fitted is best to maximise protection. Any time a helmet suffers an impact, it should be replaced. You can choose from an enormous range of riding helmets for adults and children. For trail riding, many people prefer leather helmets that are very durable and stand up well to scratches. KEP and Charles Owen are two top brands of helmets.

Paddock boots are made to keep your foot from being caught in a stirrup if your horse throws you. The shape of the boots lets your foot easily slide out of the stirrup. They’re also designed to give ankles great support during training. Ariat is a highly-regarded brand of paddock boots.

Riding vests protect your torso should you fall or be thrown from your horse, and children are required to wear them at some equestrian centers. These protective vests are sometimes made with gel inserts for rider comfort as well as safety. Adjustable fastening systems allow a near-custom fit. Charles Owen is a brand that makes protective riding vests.

The Point 2 Air Jacket is a special type of riding vest that is designed to inflate should you become separated from your saddle. This type of accident can result in chest trauma and rib fractures. Though competitive riders wear the Point 2 Air Jacket, it is also made for the leisure rider.

Riding breeches make riding much more comfortable. They range from thinner, lightly padded breeches to full seat breeches, which have more padding and help you “stick” to your horse. Good riding breeches are made to save your lower leg from irritation and bruising from contact with the stirrup straps. Kingsland Equestrian, originally a Scandinavian brand, is a respected maker of high quality riding breeches.

Of course, you don’t want your horse to feel left out, and a nice turnout rug keeps your horse dry and clean in the field, and warm during winter. Amigo Rugs are fantastic because they don’t leak and don’t make horses sweat. Also, they’re cut to fit your horse comfortably. You can choose from lightweight, summer rugs as well as thicker winter rugs that have special filling to keep your horse warm and comfortable.

Properly outfitting yourself for riding helps keep you safe as well as comfortable. Riding experts know from experience what works and what doesn’t, particularly for those who are new to riding. Horse riding is a wonderful sport, and making sure that you are kitted out properly allows you to enjoy it without worrying about whether your clothing will hold up or cause safety problems with your riding.