CNC Machinery

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control; it is used in machinery to offer precision results without faults. A computer plots out how the machine cuts or turns the material, it basically gives out instructions in turn driving the machinery.

There are many different types of CNC Machinery available, often very expensive and large in size they are essential for the manufacture of parts and stored in workshops, often in large warehouses.

Below are some of the CNC Machinery available:

Metal Cutting Machines

These are one of the most common types and like the name states are designed to cut metal however some of these cutting machines are also capable of painting metal. They are very intrate machines and require a professional engineer to operate them.

Drilling Tapping and Boring

These machines are often stated as either Drilling, Tapping or Boring systems however the majority of them are capable of doing all 3 process. These can vary in size depending on the type of industrial project they are used for.

CNC Lathes

These units come as smaller units or Heavy Duty units, all of the equipment I am writing about are Computer Numerical Controlled. Lathes were designed to machine metal, however over the years they have adapted the technology to also machine plastics along with other materials.

CNC Milling

Milling machines are also used for painting and cutting of materials into products, they can also be used to grind certain materials.

A lot of companies offer CNC Machinery, they are designed for industrial use and not domestic, even some home workshop machinery can be acquired.