Cobra Golf SL Putters

Cobra Golf is predominantly known for its drivers and wood clubs, but they have an innovative line of putters as well. The line is not extensive and does not include classic putter styles, but the basics of high MOI (moment of inertia), and a CG (center of gravity) that is low and well back of the putter face are clearly major design goals. This high MOI produces forgiveness on putts not hit exactly on the sweet spot, and the low and back CG means that the ball will skid less and get rolling quicker. There are three basic putter head designs in the Cobra SL Series, and these come in several varieties, including putters with heel and center shaft attachments, ladies models, and putters for left handed golfers as well.

There are a number of common threads in the Cobra SL series of putters. All are mallet style designs with a forged steel weight bar that runs completely around the back of the putters. This is primarily how the high MOI is achieved. Weight has also been removed from the tops of the clubs and a light weight urethane material is used there. This urethane substance has the added effect of dampening some vibrations and giving the golfer a more sensitive feel at impact. The putter faces are all made of aluminum, and the face contains a milled face pattern which, along with the CG that is low and back, causes the ball to skid less and get rolling faster along its intended line. The alignment aids are very prominent on all the models, and a yellow dashed sight line, called a fiber optic sight line, is used each of the clubs as well.

The Optica SL-01 model has a traditional mallet putter look, but this is elongated by the weight bar which runs completely around the back and is some distance away. A rather thin solid bar runs from the back of the putter face, through the mallet section and connects to the metal weight bar. On top of this is the yellow dashed fiber optic sight line. There is also a channel on the top of the putter which is about an inch or more in width, and this is also part of the alignment system. The SL-01 is a heel shafted putter, whereas the SL-02 is exactly the same as the SL-01 but is a center shafted club.

The Optica SL-03 has all of the same basic technology features and materials described above but has a different head shape. Still a mallet looking putter because of the weight bar running around the entire back of the putter head, the SL-03 has a modified trapezoid shape behind the putter face. The diagonal lines of the trapezoid curve inward in an arc, and so there is empty space between there and the metal weight bar. The alignment aid is again very prominent and is about as wide as the diameter of a golf ball, and it includes two of the yellow dashed alignment lines. The SL-04 has the same exact design as the SL-03, but the latter is a heel shafted putter whereas the SL-04 is a center shafted club.

The Optica SL-05 is once again a mallet style putter formed by the semicircular weight bar around the back. The putter face and the weight bar are connected by a straight bar of material that is about an inch or more in width. This bar also serves as part of the alignment system, and on top of it are 3 yellow dashed sight lines. As with the other odd numbered models, the SL-05 is a heel shafted putter, and the SL-06 in turn is the same design except it is a center shafted club.

There are ladies models for the SL-01 and SL-03, and all the models come in both right and left handed versions. There are some choices in putter length which can be either 33, 34, or 35 inches, although all three lengths are not available for every model. For example, for lefties, only the 35 inch length is available on both the SL-01 and SL-03 models.

The Cobra Golf SL Putters are attractive and modern looking, and they appear to be well designed for functionality as well. Several PGA Tour players use these putters, so you know they perform well or the pros would use something else, as there are hundreds of models to choose from, and these players can use any clubs they like.