Cockapoo Eye Care

Just the same as our own eyes, your Cockapoo’s eyes are extremely sensitive and require good care and attention. In this article I’ll be sharing a few points and suggestions to ensure that your Cockapoo’s eyes stay in a healthy condition and infection free.

Here are a few tips to help maintain your Cockapoo’s eyes

  • Examine the sides of your Cockapoo’s eyes and make sure they’re totally free of mucus. Unwelcome bacteria will rapidly grow in the mucus and this could potentially be transferred to the eyes. If your dog suffers from a mucus build up, then ask for the local veterinarian’s help and advice. They will typically suggest a sterile eyewash that will allow you to eliminate the mucus.
  • In your Cockapoo is a little ‘intense’ in the presence of other dogs, it is important to maintain good control of your dog, since eye traumas sustained from fights can be extremely unpleasant – regrettably many a dog has lost an eye via some sort of ‘scrap’.
  • Does your dog constantly ride with his or her head out of the car window? If this is the case then its very easy for small particles to enter his eyes, which could cause infection or injury. Likewise, larger objects such as the branch of a tree or a rock thrown up by another vehicle, could cause a more severe injury to your dog.
  • Take care not to expose your dog to substances which are potential irritants, so consider where it is that you walk with him, what is on the ground, or what fumes may be in the air.
  • Take a set of blunt scissors and then clip the hair from about your pet’s eyes. Doing this will help to ensure that any long hairs will not prick against your dog’s eyes and may also help to prevent unhealthy present on the hairs microbes from coming into contact with his eyes.
  • Tear stains are a problem in Cockapoos simply because this breed of dog does not possess good tear duct drainage. Any tears that cannot drain away merely roll down and off the eye and may lead to staining around the eye, because the damp hairs attract and accumulate debris and dust. You can easily help alleviate problems with this discoloration by simply making certain that the hair surrounding the eyes is frequently cut. If the discoloring is high then there are several commercially obtainable solutions and products which can help. You should always check with one’s veterinarian for help and advice before of applying any sort of treatment solution on your dog.
  • By routinely checking your dogs eyes you’ll be able to spot any issues before they get serious. Should you see anything amiss then I suggest you contact your vet’s as soon as possible. Eye problems in dogs are actually commonplace, with the most typical being conjunctivitis. Eye infections are usually bacterial and will be easily cured with antibiotics. The antibiotics will either be in liquid or in a lotion.
  • Eye bacterial infections will certainly clear up a lot quicker if your dog is not able to scratch or paw at their eyes. You should get a cone collar because they will put a stop to the dog itching at their face. It will also help in preventing the problem from moving from one eye to the other.

The above facts are presented as a general guide. For anybody who is unsure on precisely how to care for your Cockapoos eyes then make sure that you talk with your veterinarian. They can describe for you all of the symptoms of the commonplace eye ailments, along with the symptoms that you need to be looking out for. They’ll also be able to demonstrate the ideal way to cleanse and maintain your dogs eyes, so that they remain healthy and problem free.