Cockapoo Grooming – A Few Simple Tips on Grooming Your Dog at Home

Part of keeping your dog healthy and happy includes frequent grooming. While some breeds require more care than others, the Cockapoo has a very high maintenance coat. They are known for their very thick and curly fur that tangles and mats easy. Neglecting the hygiene of your pet could cause health issues and make her very unhappy.

Cockapoo grooming costs can add up quickly if your pooch is an outdoor dog. Most poos love to roll in the grass and lay in the dirt. This can make them smell earthy, necessitating the need for frequent baths. If you find yourself needing to make frequent trips to the parlor, you might consider these few tips to save some money on your grooming costs.

Giving your dog a puppy cut will make it easier to keep her clean. Shorter coats do not hold as much dirt as thick and long coats. Fleas and ticks can be easily spotted when the fur is kept short, helping you to keep your dog pest free. A short cut will also make brushing and bathing your dog much easier.

Brush your dog once a day to keep her from getting mats and tangles. For Cockapoo grooming, I like to use a wide tooth metal comb and not a slicker brush. The extra space between the combs teeth makes brushing much easier. I like to brush my dogs once a day in the evening while watching my favorite television program. A daily brushing routine is a great way to bond with your dog and keep her fur neat and clean.

Following these few simple tips will help you to keep your dog neat and clean and will even help you to save money on your pet care needs.