Coffee and Acid Reflux – Can You Drink Coffee and Still Avoid Heartburn?

I love coffee, and I drink it everyday. In the past, I suffered from acid reflux, and I had a flare-up if I even thought about drinking coffee. It became so bad that my throat would burn most of the day, and I had to sleep with my head elevated.

In retrospect, I realized I was consuming too many trigger foods, the worst of which was coffee. I'd drink coffee daily, and every time I'd get heartburn. It did not take a doctor to determine that there was a link.

Actually, medical researchers have determined that coffee does not cause acid reflux. That is, if you do not already have acid reflux, coffee will not give you the condition. However, it sure can exacerbate an existing condition and induce a flare-up. Caffeine is widely known to be a major trigger food for people with heartburn.

The market is full of remedies for these conditions. Most are effective at relieving the burning. Some – known as proton pump inhibitors (eg, Prilosec) – completely shut down the acid pumps in the stomach. Proton-pump inhibitors are often expensive, and long-term effects of using them is unknown.

The most gentle and effective way to stop food-induced acid reflux is to either stop consuming coffee and other trigger foods, or find a way to reduce the acid in these foods.

Fortunately, there is an inexpensive way to do this with a product that combines calcium and phosphorus. Prelief is a small pill taken with food (or dissolved in coffee) that safely takes the acid out of food. Unlike almost every other product on the market, it does not affect your stomach acid – it simply makes trigger foods safe again. Prelief is safe and inexpensive.

Check out the link below to learn how you can avoid acid reflux and still consume coffee (and wine, tomato-based dishes, etc.).