Coffee Makers – A Little History On How They Came About

Coffee has been in existence as a beverage for more a few centuries. The initial ways of making coffee had been fairly primitive but nevertheless they have improved tremendously over the years. Before coffee even made its way into cups, people get the stimulated effects by chewing the cherry right off the coffee tree.

The first batch of coffee makers began surfacing in the late 1700s. Even though it made it more convenient to make coffee, it could only be found in the homes of the rich as they were rather expensive to own. Even at its infancy stage, coffee makers back then had its basic design rather similar to the ones we own now – a cup holder at the bottom, an area on top for the coffee beans and a reservoir for the hot water.

Since coffee is such a popular beverage enjoyed by the young and old, improvements have seen the coffee maker in different types ever since. Let’s have a look two types here.

Percolator types

This type of coffee maker has a layout placing the pot over a heat source like a stove, forcing boiling water and of course steam to rise into the upper chamber where the coffee grounds are. Subsequently, the water will drip through the coffee back into the pot again.

Vacuum types

Pretty much similar to percolators, vacuum types look like having two pots one on top, facing neck to neck. Water is heated from the bottom chamber until the point the pressure forces it to rise and mix with the ground coffee at the top. After few minutes of mixing, the maker is removed from the heating element causing a vacuum like effect in the lower pot. Coffee is made when water which is mixed nicely with the ground beans flows back into the bottom pot.

The modern coffee machines in the market come definitely make drinking coffee more enjoyable. Features like hassle-free coffee brewing, built-in auto off features, programmable coffee cup size and so many more. Aesthetic enhancements are also considered to suit the different taste of consumers and their kitchen. It is not uncommon to see bolder colors like red or blue entering the market, in contrast to the traditional black or silver.

Throughout the years, coffee makers have can be seen in more households. Many people prefer to enjoy a cup with the familiar favor and the way they make it at the space of their homes. If you have yet owned one, maybe it is time now.