Cold and Flu Season – How Citric Acid Can Help

Right now the Christmas lights are down (hopefully) and we have officially entered cold and flu season. As the store aisles replace trees and stockings with tissues and cough drops, it’s important for everyone to be the smartest consumer possible. Don’t be fooled by fancy products that offer miracles. The fact is, everyone will end up with a cold or flu at some point in their life. When this happens, be prepared to fight the bacteria in the most economical way possible.

First and foremost, sleep and hydration is the best defense against the common cold. No one will argue that. However, everyone wants a quick fix, a way to decrease the symptoms and continue on with your life while your immune system suffers. A runny nose can be helped with tissue. Once upon a time there were only a few brands of tissue on the market, all offering the same basic thing. Nowadays, you will see that there are countless options. Tissue with menthol, tissue promising ‘anti-viral’ effects, tissue for sensitive noses. What is the best tissue to fight your cold or flu? What exactly does ‘anti-viral’ tissue mean?

Anti-viral tissue refers to tissue that has citric acid in the material. Bulk citric acid, as noted in a previous article, can be used to great affect to fight off harmful bacteria. This tissue that promises anti-viral, makes this promise because of the citric acid used. While it isn’t necessarily going to kill the bacteria inside the person infected, the tissue will help kill much of the harmful residue leftover after the tissue has been used. This makes the product perfect for parents who have sick kids at home and want to reduce the chances of themselves getting ill. The citric acid will kill the germs within about 15 minutes of contact, so when the parent goes to pickup the tissues while the child is sleeping, they can do so without a gas mask and tongs.

Citric acid can be sensitive on the skin, so be careful when using on children with sensitive skin. Also, keep in mind that it doesn’t protect against all germs, but does have a strong effect on Rhinovirus Type 1A and 2 (common cold), Influenza A and B, as well as Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV).

While it is still important to wash your hands, the cost of anti-viral tissues is not much more than the regular brand, so it can be a great option for people wanting the extra protection. It also helps reinforce the nature of citric acid. Many people don’t realize how great the product can be for so many different uses. It can be used on furniture, door handles and other surfaces that may have gotten infected during cold and flu season. It’s anti-viral properties can help disinfect a house in an economical way. Bulk Citric Acid can be purchased wholesale, and on-line, in it’s purest form, and it much less expensive than the leading cleaning products that you see during the winter-time. So during this time of year, research the products you buy and always remember that if you can by an ingredient in it’s pure form and have the same results, do that. Avoid extra harmful chemicals that can cause other issues. Most importantly, be smart and be safe!